Video Analysis - Oil Markets, Mid-Downstream & Chemicals

Reinventing the Wheel - an IHS Markit Multi-client Study

  • Why this study matters now
  • Time horizon of the study
  • The impact of the automotive industry on the chemical industry
  • Factors likely to affect the demand for materials in the automotive industry

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European Petrochemical Markets

  • Current operating environment for the European petrochemical markets
  • The strategies which producers are employing in the current environment
  • How long will the period of profitability last?
  • Is investing in flexible feedstock a viable strategy?

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Strategic Moves – A look and companies making an impact

  • What are the trends in the global chemical industry?
  • What are the notable deals in the chemical sector?
  • Are there any mergers with a particularly global impact?
  • Which are the leading companies in the chemical sector?
  • Are there any regions that are not performing well?
  • How can the market keep on top of these trends?

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