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Oil Industry Crisis

Addressing the looming imbalance of demand and supply in oil and gas

In 2020, global oil markets face the possible buildup of an historic supply surplus, while already reeling from reductions in demand arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, which halted manufacturing, lowered traffic at the gas-station-pump and grounded airlines due to travel restrictions. The industry is grappling with the double whammy of collapsing revenues and economic uncertainties. IHS Markit is closely following the implications of the price war whilst looking ahead to evaluate alternative scenarios for the potential timing and scope of the demand rebound.

  • When and how will oil demand and price recover? How long will it take? 1-2 years or much longer?
  • How is supply impacted by low prices?
  • How will relationships amongst the three oil superpowers: Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States evolve?
  • How long will the supply surplus continue - and what role does storage play?

Our experts and analysts provide data, analysis, forecasts, decision-making support and consultation to help you understand the implications of plunging oil prices and the impact of reduced consumer and industrial demand facing the energy industry and its investors. The latest webinars, reports, news, research, forecasts and commentaries on the 2020 Oil Price Crisis are compiled on this page.


To manage this difficult time of oil market uncertainty and analyze the implications for your business, IHS Markit has identified solutions critical for different sectors. Find out how we can help you.

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