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Why staying on top of software updates improves workflow efficiencies

23 May 2017 Kelvin Gan

A software upgrade or update process can be a confusing and daunting task. To some users, the process can also be a time consuming endeavor. However, to avoid or ignore the process could prove to be problematic or even costly in the long run. There are many benefits in conducting a regular software upgrade.

Here are three benefits that validate the software upgrade or update process:

  1. OS Compatibility -New Operating Systems (OS) often have improved libraries, memory management, and APIs that allow for a better software performance. As an example, software would gain certain functionality through accessing OS libraries. By allowing the software to make system calls that access newer libraries, this will help improve a variety of issues, ranging from a better memory management, to better security.
  2. Bug Fix - Software are often an ongoing development process. Though the finished product is available to the public, there are often still some bugs that may plague the software. A regular upgrade or update of the software helps fix these issues. At times an upgrade or update may cause new bugs, but normally a new release should decrease the number of bugs instead increasing them.
  3. New Features - Implementing new features allow users to access functionality that may otherwise be unavailable in previous software releases. New features may improve or ease usage of the software, which can save cost and time allowing the user to accomplish more tasks.

To summarize, by upgrading or updating software on a regular basis, issues such as OS compatibility and bugs can be addressed. New features provide the software the ability to withstand the test of time, allowing the software to continue its relevancy and usability, thus increasing the longevity of the product and providing new value for the users.

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Kelvin Gan is a Customer Solutions Advisor on our Global Technical Solutions team.
Posted 23 May 2017

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