UK project aims to reduce costs of autonomous vehicle insurance

12 Oct 2017 Ian Fletcher

An autonomous driving project in the UK is looking at reducing the costs of vehicles featuring the technology, reports Autocar. Move UK, which is being supported by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Bosch and insurer Direct Line and is being backed by a GBP3.4-million grant from the UK government, is investigating ways to use data generated by the technology to combat the potential for insurance price increases. JLR has supplied a fleet of five Land Rover Discovery Sport's fitted with Bosch forward facing cameras and radars to Greenwich Borough Council in London (UK) which will be used as daily transport by its staff. The system has been designed to record events such as hard braking and "unexpected changes to road furniture" so that it can identify important incidents rather than a full journey and streamline the amount of data collected.

Significance: The aim of the project is to help insurance to gain a picture as to how autonomous vehicles will operate in an environment where initially they will be competing for road space with human drivers. At the moment, there is an expectation that despite the anticipated safety benefits from the technology, a combination of complicated hardware and unfamiliarity will cause a spike in insurance costs. Collecting specific events rather than an entire journey - with up to 8 gigabytes per second of data being drawn from various cameras and sensors - will not only help streamline data collection for insurer analysis while the technology remains in a nascent stage, but could prove to be practical as part of the European Commission's plan for black box recorder integration which would save information during an incident. This was initially expected to be rolled out next year but appears to have now been pushed back to 2021 at least.

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