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Q&A on the next generation iLEVEL

30 March 2020

We recently rolled out our next generation iLEVEL UX to replace the legacy interface. The new UX brings more robust data analytics, such as PMEs for public index comparisons, enhanced personalization enabling iLEVEL to integrate into your corporate identity and the ability to easily set up 3rd party integrations without any coding. We also introduced the iLEVEL mobile and tablet app, which mirrors the new UX for seamless navigation across devices.

To learn more about these enhancements, we sat down with David Krzemienski, Head of Product for iLEVEL, to gain his perspective.

What are the high-level benefits of the new iLEVEL UX?

The main driver of the new UX is flexibility - we are bringing our clients greater control to manage critical data in their portfolios. There are three key areas that we focused on for the new UX: first, simplified access to information through a new information architecture with enhanced navigation and search functionality; second, increased adaptability for the different investment structures that our clients currently have, or may expand towards over time; third, delivering more intuitive and modern interactions across form factors to raise engagement with our end users.

What opportunities will these enhancements create for clients?

Private markets GPs are under increasing pressure to provide information transparency in a timely and efficient manner, and the current macro-economic cycle is only going to stress their internal controls further. iLEVEL is battle tested to scale firms with data collection, portfolio monitoring, performance analytics and investor reporting needs. Our investment in user experience and adaptability across investment strategies allows our clients to harden their data controls, raise adoption with the enterprise and increase transparency with investors.

How does the mobile and tablet app extend the reach of iLEVEL?

A core goal of the next generation UX is to bring the power and insights of iLEVEL to all personas at our clients' firms, and our new mobile and tablet apps make that possible. When using the mobile and tablet app for iLEVEL, users have a seamless experience with the desktop version. This means when you are away from the office, you can rely upon the same data and functionality for portfolio monitoring, performance analytics and other tasks. It also means you configure iLEVEL one time and it works across all devices with zero additional effort. A new, modern app combined with the power and flexibility of iLEVEL really expands the value for our clients. For example, clients tell me how they are now using iLEVEL on tablets in their investment committee meetings and how their IR professionals are leveraging the mobile app during investor meetings. This level of convenience has driven the adoption of iLEVEL and it's helping us better serve the front office of our GP and LP clients.

Was third-party integration an important focus for the iLEVEL UX?

Programmatic connectivity to other applications and systems is a priority for iLEVEL and the modernization of our programmatic interface makes it easier to get data flowing to and from downstream systems. Whether that's a data warehouse, CRM or a fund accounting system, we know that there is a holistic ecosystem that must be connected. We understand that programmers at our clients' firms need iLEVEL to process data and information seamlessly with other systems and we are very mindful of ensuring that as part of the upgraded user experience.

What's next on the roadmap for iLEVEL?

We have an exciting year of product development ahead of us. I'll summarize it in 3 key themes. First, great user experience isn't a destination, it's a journey. Simplifying all iLEVEL touchpoints will continue to be a focus of our roadmap for years to come. Second, is to connect iLEVEL to the tremendous assets within IHS Markit to further deliver value for the private markets. For example, when iLEVEL is integrated with our WSO solution and services, we will have an end-to-end platform for managing all aspects of the credit lifecycle. Lastly, we are focused on expanding on iLEVEL's analytics capabilities to help our clients make more informed decisions throughout their investment lifecycle.

For more information on iLEVEL, contact us at To optimize your firm's use of the next generation iLEVEL, contact your client success manager.

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