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Insights from MWC 2019

06 March 2019 IHS Markit Technology Expert

MWC Barcelona—or Mobile World Congress, as it used to be called—is the world's largest mobile event, each year gathering more than 2,400 companies to showcase new, cutting-edge innovation and technology. Below is a sampling of Market Insight articles from IHS Markit analysts who attended the show this year; excerpts from each analyst commentary are included.

Abel Nevarez
Wi-Fi activity at MWC spotlights Wi-Fi/5G coexistence
This year's MWC Barcelona event was an important gathering place for the mobile industry, playing host to an interesting dialogue about the future of mobile connectivity. Of course, 5G was the focus of MWC, but a few other topics managed to be part of the overall mobile discussion—Wi-Fi in particular managed to shine through the deluge of 5G announcements. (Open to HS Markit subscribers only)

Richard Webb
MWC 2019: 5G x-haul roundup
Once more unto the breach—that being Barcelona—for the annual trading of knowledge, ideas, contacts, and contracts that is Mobile World Congress… the industry is once again undergoing profound changes, this time driven by the onset of the 5G era and all that it promises (though whether it will deliver is a debate for another time). One particular area undergoing much evolution is my primary area of market coverage: mobile backhaul. (Subscribers only)

Stéphane Téral and Stelyana Baleva
MWC 2019: 5G is at the top of the digital transformation agenda
With the world gearing up for a massive increase in IoT devices and the building of 5G networks, what we heard at Mobile World Congress this year is that OSS/BSS vendors are welcoming the new requirements with 5G-ready cloud platforms that facilitate service providers' network virtualization process. Every service provider we've spoken with is involved in a network function virtualization project, and a few of them, including AT&T and Telefónica, are ahead of the process with large digital transformation initiatives. (Subscribers only)

Christian Kim
MWC 2019: Cellular IoT industry facing many opportunities and challenges
At MWC Barcelona in late February, in addition to the highly covered 5G standard, the NB-IoT and the Cellular Vehicle-to-Vehicle (C-V2X) standards also demonstrated significant progress in the cellular IoT space. (Open to all)

Wayne Lam, Jusy Hong, Gerrit Schneemann, Anna Ahrens
MWC 2019 Highlights - Smartphones
5G handsets arrived in Barcelona in force. Leading up to MWC, Samsung announced two 5G devices and Huawei one model. Other OEMs, like OPPO, Xiaomi, LG, ZTE and Nubia, showed upcoming devices.

Stéphane Téral
The great 5G fanfare at MWC 2019
After a first cut at 6G, let's come back to the highlight of the show. As usual, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri kicked off the event with his traditional keynote Sunday afternoon. Of course, he didn't miss the chance to remind the audience that his company was the only one available in all geographies across the world. As we all know, Huawei is banned in the US market—although they have a small presence in rural America—but this statement prompted us to wonder where Ericsson wasn't present. Anyway, everyone sees 2019 shaping up as a big year for 5G, so here is a summary of the world's three largest RAN vendors' war of 5G claims. (Subscribers only)

Stéphane Téral
MWC19: The 6G discussion has officially started
Despite the buzz around foldable smartphones and 5G, the world's brightest minds gathered to brainstorm about what's beyond 5G. (Participants came from the world) of academia, mostly from Finland's University of Oulu; leading mobile network equipment vendors, including Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Bell Labs, Samsung, and ZTE; and service providers, including China Telecom, Orange, and NTT DOCOMO. (Subscribers only)

Wayne Lam
Mobile World Congress 2019: A veritable parade of new 5G smartphones and modems
Mobile World Congress 2019 was anticipated to showcase brand new 5G smartphone designs. And the conference did not disappoint. Even before the show officially started, there were 6 smartphone designs with 5G modems already announced. During the show, Chinese OEMs ZTE and Nubia would also debut their first 5G designs. (Subscribers only)

Wayne Lam
Mobile World Congress 2019: Foldable form factors steal the show
Foldable phones represent the first significant change in mobile form factor in nearly a decade. Not since the capacitive multi-touch technology which allowed devices makers to simplify all user interactions onto a single piece of glass has there been a more groundbreaking mobile design. (Open to all)

Anna Ahrens
HMD/Nokia is keeping the focus on emerging markets
HMD/Nokia's announcement at MWC 2019 clearly defines the strategic focus of the company for the coming year, which is the expansion of its presence in the emerging markets, building on its existing brand image and cooperation with Google. To serve that price-driven volume market, HMD/Nokia introduced four new models in the lower-end price segment under $200. (Open to all)

Brian Huh
Sony introduces 21:9 CinemaWide displays at MWC 2019
To differentiate itself from competitors, Sony is adopting the 21:9 CinemaWide display for its 2019 flagship smartphones and also focusing more on entertainment and multimedia applications. (Subscribers only)

Jerry Kang, David Hsieh, Charles Annis
Samsung and Huawei Foldable Displays - Special Report - 2019
At MWC 2019, Samsung and Huawei announced their first smartphone with a foldable display. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X represent the new form factor and include new technologies featuring flexible OLED displays. (Subscribers only)

IHS Markit Technology Expert
Posted 6 March 2019


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