Automotive Loyalty: Why it's important and the tools that will help, Part 2

04 Oct 2017 Tom Libby

Watch this video log from Tom Libby, Manager of Loyalty Solutions with IHS Markit, as he discusses the importance of automotive brand loyalty and the tools needed for automakers to effectively compete in today's vehicle market. 

In part two of this series, Tom helps to explain why conquest and defection are on the minds of OEMs, why brand loyalty is so important for automakers, how to use IHS Markit household analytics and loyalty tools, and how automakers continue to compete for market share. 

In this video, Tom covers topics that include:

  • The change in the vehicle market and what that means for brand loyalty
  • Conquesting and defection intelligence
  • Household and demographic data that allow you to better target existing and potential customers
  • How consumer preferences are changing and what that means for brand loyalty

To learn more about loyalty solutions, visit Automotive Loyalty


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