Automotive Loyalty: Driving factors and the details behind them, Part 1

03 Oct 2017 Tom Libby

Watch this video log from Tom Libby, Manager of Loyalty Solutions with IHS Markit, as he discusses the driving factors of automotive loyalty and what that means for automakers in today's vehicle market. 

In part one of this two part series, Tom helps to define automotive loyalty, how the industry looks at brand loyalty, conquest and defection and how automakers continue to compete for market share with actionable loyalty data and insights. 

In this video, Tom covers topics that include:

  • Factors that are driving brand loyalty in today's market
  • What "conquest" and "defection" mean as it relates to brand loyalty
  • Loyalty Chain solutions and how they help improve your brand loyalty

For more information on how to drive customer loyalty, visit Vehicle Loyalty, Conquest and Defection


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