Is That Interference? A Workflow for Identifying and Analyzing Communication Through Hydraulic Fractures in a Multi-Well Pad

by A. Awada, M. Santo, D. Lougheed, D. Xu and C. Virues


Copyright © 2015, Society of Petroleum Engineers


The topic of inter-well communication in unconventional reservoirs has received significant attention as it has direct implications to well spacing considerations. However, it has been the observation of the authors that interference is often inferred without direct evidence of its occurrence, or without an understanding of the various mechanisms of interference.

This paper presents a rigorous procedure for correctly identifying interference during a well's production cycle. First, the various mechanisms of interference are defined. Next, analytical simulations are run to reveal the expected behavior for interference through fractures and reservoir matrix. Data validation is performed, followed by a procedure for identifying interference. Finally, the data is history matched with numerical models based on the learning from the previous step.

The approach is applied to an eight well pad in the Horn River Basin. Two wells were found to be in communication. From this procedure, it was possible to determine that these wells are in communication through fractures or high permeability channels.

The procedure in this paper is designed to help production analysts diagnose interference and avoid common pitfalls. The workflow is generalized and can be applied to other multi-well pad completions.

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