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Chemical World Analysis

Insulate your business from short-run volatility with a long-term outlook

Today’s global chemical markets are experiencing a much higher degree of uncertainty than they did just five years ago. As a result, chemical professionals must often make high-revenue decisions with limited future visibility. In response, our World Analysis service is a dynamic reference that operationalizes your strategic insights throughout the year. In addition to constantly updated capacity levels and biannually updated supply-demand balances - including the 10-year forecast for each - the World Analysis service includes country-level trade grids, quarterly updated pricing, cost and margin forecasts, and the inclusion of upside-downside sensitivities to the base-case forecast.

With the World Analysis service, you can:

  • Optimize your supply chain and logistics planning with country-level trade data
  • Understand how capacity additions will impact trade flows – including who might be displaced
  • Sync your long-term pricing forecast with current global economic and energy changes
  • Improve your planning and forecasting by understanding the sensitivity of key forecast drivers

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World Analysis Service

IHS Markit has always supported your annual strategic business planning efforts with insights you rely on. Now, our World Analysis service provides market updates throughout the year to support your ongoing buying and selling decisions and to reveal inflection points in your business potential.

The World Analysis service take your quarterly business reviews a step further by providing:

  • Country-level trade grids (biannual updates) – Better understand trade patterns with more granular, multi-year country-level trade grids
  • Quarterly price/cost/margin forecasts (quarterly updates) – Sync long-term price, cost, and margin forecasts with ongoing changes in global energy and economic markets, using 10-year history, current, and 10-year forecasting information and the base case underlying assumptions
  • Upside/downside sensitivities (biannual updates) – Use qualitative sensitivity analysis to understand the factors that could shift price, cost and margin, and make sure your long-term price forecast closely aligns with market inflection points
  • All this delivered through traditional as well as a new user friendly dynamic interface (Tableau)

What's Included

Deliverable Description Frequency/Format
Supply-demand database 12-month access to the Chemical online supply-demand database, which includes 5-year historical data, current year, 10-year forecast Updated twice per year/Excel format or using data browser via Connect
Capacity database 12-month access to the Chemical online capacity database with capacity globally by plant and company location Updated continuously throughout the year/Excel format or using data browser via Connect
World Analysis report 12-month access to the World Analysis study (PDF format) and the Excel file containing regional supply and demand graphs (data-only subscriptions excluded) Report released once per year/PDF format and Excel files
Expert access Access to Chemical consultants who will provide explanation and basic support in order to understand the analysis Access included during subscription period
Country-level trade grids Country-to-country trade for the relevant chemical: previous year, current year, 5-year annual forecast, and 10-year regional trade forecast Updated twice per year/Excel format
Quarterly updated price, cost and margin forecast Price, cost and margin data (annual series): 10-year history, current year, 10-year forecast, including base-case assumptions Updated quarterly/Excel and PPT formats
Upside-downside sensitivities Upside-downside price drivers: qualitative analysis of factors that alter the base-case forecast for price, cost and margin; includes supply-demand balances Twice per year/PPT format
Tableau workbook Enhanced visualization and delivery of data through Tableau Updated quarterly for pricing and biannually for supply-demand balances/Tableau workbook
IHS Markit Connect With our online platform IHS Markit Connect, you can:
  • Find custom, integrated views of market data, analysis and news
  • Accelerate your research with user-friendly, intuitive search tools
  • Save your analysis and enjoy automatic data refreshes
  • Download data directly to Excel or PowerPoint
  • Access interactive maps, integrated with capacity data
  • View personalized information, the way you need it
Available through subscription period.


World Analysis Service: Available Versions

The World Analysis comes in either a full, abbreviated or data-only version depending on the chemical. Product features vary by version.

To identify the version type and product features for your specific chemical World Analysis, see the tables below.

To download the full table of contents, click on the World Analysis you are interested in.

Olefins & Derivatives Plastics Aromatics & Fibers Chlor-Alkali/Vinyls/Inorganics Syngas Chemicals
Acrylic Acid and Acrylates ABS Benzene Chlor-Alkali Acetyls
Acrylonitrile Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Cumene, Phenol & Acetone MDI Formaldehyde & Resins
Butadiene Nylon Engineering Resins Nylon Feedstocks Soda Ash Methanol
Butylenes Polyethylene Nylon Fibers TDI MTBE
Ethylene Oxide & Ethylene Glycol Polypropylene Paraxylene Vinyls
Ethylene Polystyrene Polyester
Oxo Alcohols Polycarbonate PTA/DMT
Propylene Styrene
Propylene Oxide Toluene & Xylenes
Rubber Annual Global Fibers Service

Full Version
Abbreviated Version
Data-Only Version

* 10-year price forecasts not included for Formaldehyde, MTBE, Propylene Oxide

Enhancements by version type Trade Grids Price/Cost/Margin Forecasts Upside and Downside Sensitivities
Tier 1 – Full Version
Yes Yes Yes
Tier 2 – Abbreviated Version
Yes Most* Most*
Tier 3 – Data-Only Version

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