IHS WellTest

Thoroughly understand your reservoir and its production potential.

Is your reservoir producing to its full potential?

WellTest software helps you conduct gas and oil pressure transient analysis and serves as an everyday well test data interpretation tool. Decipher reservoir-flow characteristics and predict future deliverability based on buildup and short-term drawdown well test information. Use diagnostic plots, as well as G Function and DFIT analyses for minifrac tests, to identify flow regimes and estimate reservoir parameters. Leverage analytical and numerical models to match the pressure history and generate forecasts.

Learn how to:

  • Generate reliable analysis
  • Accurately predict well deliverability
  • Choose optimal gas and oil well design and test procedures
  • Comply with electronic data submission regulatory requirements


Build-up/Drawdown Analysis
Analyze Build-Up and Drawdown Data

Load and plot data with easy-to-use import and filtering tools. Built-in wizards guide the user from data input through analysis, modeling and forecasting. Easily prepare data from “controlled” tests or “unplanned” build-ups on producing wells for analysis with flexible data management.

Pressure/Permeability Estimation
Analyze Mini-Frac Tests to Estimate Reservoir Pressure and Permeability in Tight Formations

Examine pressure fall-off data from mini-frac tests using pre-closure and after-closure analysis techniques to identify fracture closure, quantify leakoff coefficients and estimate reservoir pressure and permeability. Advance after-closure analysis beyond diagnostics and straight line analysis to include modeling capability. The models are consistent with the work of M.Y. Soliman and D. Craig and show good agreement with K.G. Nolte’s solutions when radial flow is achieved.

Deliverability Projection
Predict Deliverability Performance

Using results determined from pre-frac tests, predict the deliverability performance for different frac properties to establish optimum frac design.

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