Valtus Ortho Imagery (Canada)

Access high-resolution Ortho photographs of the Earth’s surface

Do you spend a lot of time and resources collecting and disseminating surface imagery?

Access Valtus Ortho Imagery with its high resolution, ortho-rectified photographs of pipeline right of ways, roads, muskeg, lakes, streams and other surface features across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Images include uniform scale and 0.4 meter – 1.0 meter resolution. Leverage this exceptionally precise energy spatial imagery to:

  • Access and route information for drilling and infrastructure
  • Visualizing surface features and encumbrances
  • Spotting well locations
  • Right-of-way planning and monitoring
  • Use for defense and security mapping
  • Meet Health and Safety requirements including disaster management and prevention
  • Plan seismic program layout


Valtus Vault:Spatial Data Cloud Services
Upload and maintain proprietary imagery data

Print standard- to large-size color maps

Application Integration
Access Valtus Ortho Imagery via AccuMap® and Petra®,as well as industry applications that support OGC WMS data delivery.

Coverage Maps

Alberta, CanadaAB-Resolution (PDF, 630 KB)Detailed map showing Alberta's Resolution
Alberta, CanadaAB-Vintage (PDF, 834 KB)Detailed map showing Alberta's Vintage
British Columbia, CanadaBC-Resolution (PDF, 745 KB)Detailed map showing British Columbia's Resolution
British Columbia, CanadaBC-Vintage (PDF, 772 KB)Detailed map showing British Columbia's Vintage
Manitoba, CanadaMB-Resolution (PDF, 186 KB)Detailed map showing Manitoba's Resolution
Manitoba, CanadaMB-Vintage (PDF, 273 KB)Detailed map showing Manitoba's Vintage
Saskatchewan, CanadaSK-Resolution (PDF, 406 KB)Detailed map showing Saskatchewan's Resolution
Saskatchewan, CanadaSK-Vintage (PDF, 538 KB)Detailed map showing Saskatchewan's Vintage
United StatesNorth America Vintage High-level map showing North America Vintage & Resolution

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