Offset Drilling Data (US)

Optimize drilling costs and performance

Entering a new play or optimizing performance efficiencies in an existing drilling program?

This service provides critical subsurface information for proper well drilling and design before you submit an Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) request. Leverage our analyzed drilling curves to accelerate pre-planning and design modification, from hours to minutes. With US Offset Drilling Data, engineers, performance analysts, and operations managers can:

  • Avoid downtime and related costs
  • Analyze broad investment strategies
  • Manage AOI portfolios
  • Implement drilling best practices while optimizing costs and performance
  • Leverage comprehensive drilled well records


Improve Drilling Efficiency
"With IHS Markit Offset Drilling Data, we analyze how we can drill wells better. If another one in the area took 120 days, we ask, 'how can we drill it in 90 days? The data is in a quick reference format so we can make informed decisions and avoid past problems."

Jake Oil & Gas Consultants LLC
Read the Jake Oil Case Study

Save Time & Money
"If you don't know the history of a well, you're doomed to repeat it. With Offset Drilling Data, we can review detailed histories of nearby wells and adjust our plans accordingly. Access to this information saves us time and money."

Operations Manager
Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp

Optimize Well Designs
"Offset Drilling Data is invaluable when looking in new areas. It provides a wealth of information, such as mud, pipe setting depth and drilling times. We know what's been done in the past and can design a well and budget properly. I don't know what we would do without this type of data."

Drilling and Completion Engineer
Cabot Oil & Gas

Analyze Estimated Drilling Times
"Offset Drilling Data provides some of the best well histories available. It saves us from calling five to six different contractors about casing depth, bits, mud properties, geological trouble areas such as lost circulation or over-pressured areas. Offset Drilling Data saves us a lot of time and work. We were better prepared to estimate more time for the first well drilled in the area. Without it, we would not have planned for nearly enough time and would probably have been 50 percent over AFE."

Operations Manager
St. Mary Land & Exploration Company

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