US Economic Service

Access the most detailed, commercially available view of the US economy.

Now powered by Macroeconomic Advisers by IHS Markit, this service provides immediate-to-long-term analysis of the US economy – organized in a way to help government agencies, corporations and financial institutions make smart investment and management decisions. Subscribers receive 10-year and 30-year economic outlooks, including alternate scenarios, risk analysis and comprehensive sector outlooks. Underpinning each of our forecasts, the US Macro Model includes up to 2,000 variables and more than 1,500 equations that track virtually every economic activity. From one-page executive summaries for the CEO, to data modeling tools for the business analyst, the US Economic Service provides real value across the organization. Direct access to our award-winning team of 150 full-time economists ensures you can:

  • Identify growth markets and key product drivers
  • Compare sales and market projections
  • Assess business impact of policy shifts
  • Factor uncertainty into strategic plans
  • Maximize return on investment

What's Included

Data & Forecasts

Short- & Long-Term US Economic Forecasts

Find forecasts that you can trust and justify to senior management. Identify risks to prepare strategic plans for a range of alternative outcomes. Size markets and set sales, revenue and growth targets using accurate benchmarks.

10-year monthly updated forecast and 30-year quarterly updated forecasts for 2,000+ concepts with access to forecast database.

10-year Forecast Coverage

30-year Forecast Coverage

Financial Sector-Focused Forecast

Get impartial advice on future financial conditions with the near-term outlook for the economic concepts tracked by financial institutions or chief financial officers.

Financial Sector-Focused Forecast Coverage

US Macro Model

Underpinning each of our forecasts, the US Macro Model is a large-scale, quarterly, structural econometric model that is grounded in mainstream economic theory, and estimated by modern econometric techniques. The model explains entries from all major tables of the National Income and Product Accounts, and provides a wealth of other detail on prices, labor markets, financial markets, and the household balance sheet. In addition, it affords users considerable flexibility in specifying monetary and fiscal policies.

Capabilities – Our economists can help you:

  • Construct alternative scenarios, including those consistent with your own organization's view
  • Choose from 2,000 economic, financial and business concepts
  • Measure change in the economy's composition
  • Incorporate short-run aggregate demand and long-term aggregate supply into equations
  • Get monthly 10-year forecast and semi-annual 30-year forecast updates

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Daily Commentary

Brief executives and peers on economic trends impacting your organization by leveraging analysis of breaking economic, political and financial developments, including implications of key US economic data releases.

Weekly Reports

Find economic developments to monitor, as well as a financial markets recap, a data release review and our outlook for next week's data releases. Set email alerts to receive specific data releases of interest to you.

Monthly Reports

  • US Economic Monthly Outlook: Analysis that focuses on the 5-year outlook (with forecast data for 10-year horizon) reviewing short-term changes that will influence the business environment
  • US Executive Summary: Examination of the economy's overall direction, historical and forecast data for key indicators
  • Risks and Alternatives: Alternative scenarios examine the risks to the forecast
  • Flash Report: One-page summary released when new forecast data is published, two days in advance of the more detailed US Executive Summary
  • Sector Summaries and Analysis: 12 two-page reports with an easy-to-digest review of the outlook by sector, key drivers, and issues to watch
  • US Financial Report: Five-year interest rate forecast, with high/low scenarios and a credit review

US GDP Tracker (Quarterly)

Obtain a timely estimate of current quarter US real GDP growth. The IHS Markit US GDP tracking system uses our US Macro quarterly forecasting econometric model, newly released data and revisions, economic judgment, and methods that mimic the Bureau of Economic Analysis' data-generation process.

IHS Markit Connect™

Maximize your subscription content with IHS Markit Connect™ – our online customer platform

  • Real-time Reporting: Read updated analysis and commentary as data releases and events warrant
  • Email Alerts: Set up notifications for updates to categories of interest
  • Rapid Data Retrieval: Access analysis and data in a single search or via interactive maps
  • Formatting/Presentation Tools: Format data by relevant indices and build customizable, presentation-ready graphs
  • Flexible Export: Export all forecast tables in multiple formats (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Automated Content Refreshes: Save searches and update content automatically
  • Scenario Analysis: Develop your own scenarios with user-friendly tools

* State and regional coverage available in US Regional Service

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Member Privileges
  • Analyst Access: Access to 150 full-time economists
  • Webcasts: Email invitations to our quarterly US economic outlook webcasts with on-demand availability to listen at your convenience

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