US Economic Data and Press Releases

Track US macroeconomic data and news in real time

Access immediate US economic data and press releases for 70+ key indicators. Sourced from more than 100 private and public reports, surveys and indices, these vast data resources allow you to:

  • Quickly scan macroeconomic news for investment opportunities
  • Focus on analysis rather than research
  • Transform data into value
  • Immediately detect market change and emerging risks
  • Track key data releases and benefit from automatic updates

Data Types

Review 70+ key US economic indicators sourced from 100+ public and private sources. Data types include:

  • Consumer prices, expenditures and surveys
  • Demographics
  • Flow of funds
  • Industrial output, capacity and productivity
  • International trade and balance of payments
  • Labor market
  • Manufacturing, mining and construction
  • Money and banking
  • National accounts
  • Price indices
  • Wholesale and retail trade

Data Sources

  • Job Cut Announcement Report
  • Johnson Redbook Index
  • Consumer Comfort Index
  • Midwest Manufacturing Index
  • Empire State Manufacturing Survey
  • Business Outlook Survey
  • Service Sector Conditions Survey
  • Manufacturing Conditions Survey
  • Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices
  • PMI Business Survey (manufacturing and non-manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing ISM Report on Business
  • Non manufacturing ISM Report on Business
  • Manpower Employment Outlook Survey
  • Chicago Business Barometer
  • Housing Market Index
  • Small Business Economic Trends
  • Leading Indicators
  • Consumer Attitudes and Buying Plans
  • Consumer Confidence, Sentiment and Expectations
  • Job Cut Announcement Report
Consumer Comfort Index
  • Midwest Manufacturing Index
  • Empire State Manufacturing Survey
  • Business Outlook Survey

Data Access Options

Comprehensive navigation, time-series analysis and graphic application, compatible with Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Online data delivery platform with chart and export capabilities

EViews (additional fee)
Best-in-class software for conducting econometric and statistical analysis

Internet Data Delivery System (IDDS) (additional fee)
XML-based data feed to client server; complements in-house time series analysis

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