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US Construction and Infrastructure Economic Spending Forecast & Industry Trends Overview

Gain a better understanding of the 15-year US construction economic spending forecast and industry trends overview by state and by 381 metro areas for 30+ building types.

Access the 15-year US construction spending forecast by state and by 381 metro areas for 30+ building types. You can also subscribe to the 15-year US infrastructure spending forecast, both national and by state, for 30+ categories. No other competitor matches our combination of coverage, industry expertise and econometric forecast rigor.

Key benefits:

  • Develop strong strategic plans
  • Uncover market opportunity and risk
  • Benchmark long-term performance
  • Prioritize and defend capital investments
  • Mitigate portfolio risk
US State and Metro Area Construction Forecast Executive Summary
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What’s included

  • Market snapshots with facts and figures on US construction (50 states, 381 metro areas)
  • Analysis of US construction trends and events
  • On-demand access to economists and country analysts

Colorado total expenditures for infrastructure, structures and residential construction, 2015-2025

Data and forecasts

Updated quarterly, the data sets include 15-year forecast horizon and historical data on US construction back to 1993 for over 30 building types.

Labor Market Data

  • Employment costs
  • Average hours worked overall, by industry
  • Job openings (JOLTS)
  • Participation rates
  • Productivity by sector
  • Earnings

US state and metro real residential growth construction, Texas 2021

Sector coverage
  • Amusement
  • Commercial: Automobile, lodging, office, retail building, warehouse nonmanufacturing
  • Communications
  • Conservation/development
  • Educational: Public, private
  • Government buildings
  • Healthcare: Public, private
  • Highways and streets
  • Manufacturing
  • Power (including electric*)
  • Public recreation
  • Religious
  • Residential
  • Sewer construction
  • Transportation (including land*)
  • Water supply

*Not available for metropolitan areas

Residential construction expenditures, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2016-2026

US Infrastructure Spending Forecast (add-on)

This add-on service provides the 15-year US infrastructure spending forecast, both national and by state, for 30+ categories, from airports and highways to water supply plants.

Key benefits:

  • Pinpoint risk and foster growth
  • Size markets and calculate penetration rates
  • Quantify strategic planning decisions

What’s included


Quarterly executive summaries of key economic, policy, transportation and highway construction news

US highway and street infrastructure spending trends, 2015-2025

Data and forecasts

Historical data back to 1993, annual and quarterly 15-year spending forecasts, at the national and state levels, for 30+ infrastructure categories

Virginia infrastructure spending by sector, 2013-2023

Sector coverage


  • Federal
  • State/local
    • Land: Mass transit, passenger terminals, railroad, vehicle services/freight
    • Water: Docks/marinas, dry-dock/marine terminals, other
    • Air: Terminals, runways, other
  • Private
    • Land, rail, air, water


  • Federal
  • State/local
    • Pavement
    • Bridges
    • Lighting
    • Rest facilities
    • Retaining walls
    • Tunnels
    • Tolls/weights
    • Maintenance buildings
  • Private


  • Public
  • Private (electricity)

Sewer Construction

  • Federal
    • Sewage/waste disposal
  • State/local
    • Sewage/waste disposal
    • Drywaste, drywaste plant, drywaste line/drain, other
    • Wastewater, wastewater plant, wastewater line/pump station
  • Private
    • Sewage/waste disposal

Water Supply

  • Federal
  • State/local:
    • Water supply plant, water supply lines, supply pump station, other
  • Private

State and local water supply construction spending 2015-2025

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