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Transactions & Valuations Consulting

Helping you make informed decisions about major hydrocarbon investments and M&A opportunities

The upstream oil and gas industry is in the midst of one of its largest transitions. Sustained low oil prices continue to challenge existing business models, forcing companies to reexamine their value propositions, portfolios and strategies. At the same time, the low oil price environment has opened up attractive possibilities for acquiring energy assets.

IHS Markit can help you evaluate major hydrocarbon investments and screen upstream M&A opportunities with our independent, quantitative due diligence analysis that focuses especially on underlying energy value drivers and risks. Our services are underpinned by our extensive in-house data, analytics and tools, ranging from global E&P data and asset valuation to transactions data and research.

We provide:

  • Technical and commercial due diligence – Evaluation of resources, development plans, costs, regulatory landscape and the underlying markets
  • Asset and corporate valuations – Bottom-up valuations for oil and gas assets worldwide, upstream energy company valuations using trading multiples, asset valuations based on precedent transaction metrics, leveraging our database of 40,000+ M&A transactions over the past 20 years
  • Support through M&A cycle – Support for screening, origination, executing and negotiating deals to a close, including bid support and post-acquisition integration

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Technical and Commercial Due Diligence

The fall in oil prices has seen a commensurate rise in energy assets for sale as companies strive to deleverage and refocus their portfolios. While some areas, such as the Permian, are seeing a flurry of activity, elsewhere activity is hampered by a lack of access to capital. Deal activity is slowly increasing, however, led by private equity buyers and majors/NOCs with sizeable cash reserves. Oil price volatility has made it difficult for participants to achieve consensus on value and outlook, and the shortage of availability of equity and debt financing has meant that IOCs have been experiencing liquidity issues.

IHS Markit experts offer a suite of comprehensive technical and commercial due diligence services to help you evaluate hydrocarbon investments and M&A opportunities. Our approach to due diligence is very strategic in that we pay particular attention to the underlying assumptions that drive value. IHS Markit is uniquely positioned to integrate subsurface, costs and development, technological and commercial evaluation. We provide an independent view that helps our clients to maximize their global investments.

Find answers to questions, such as:

  • What are the key value drivers and strategic intent behind this M&A deal?
  • What is the technical quality of the asset(s) for sale?
  • What are the key technical and commercial risks and upsides associated with the investment?
  • What’s the size of the market into which I am about to buy?
  • What will it cost to develop this asset?
  • What is the business environment and regulatory landscape?

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Asset and Corporate Valuations

Our experts can help you assess the value of a specific oil or gas asset (portfolio or company). We generate and validate critical assumptions for evaluation, such as production profiles, development costs, pricing and macroeconomic outlooks. We also provide an independent value assessment through customized valuation models that combine detailed discounted cash flow and multiples-based evaluations.

Support through M&A cycle

IHS Markit upstream consultants provide support from bid to post-acquisition:

  • Screening of potential opportunities
  • Help with origination efforts
  • Support through transaction execution phase
  • Negotiation support
  • Board approval support and validation of investment decision
  • Ongoing support for managing portfolio assets including (but not limited to):
    • Project development
    • Regulatory compliance, risk analysis and quantification
    • Strategy
    • Technical/reservoir management
    • Cost estimation
    • Ongoing energy market analysis of trends, risks and more


Jon Story

He is responsible for managing a team of upstream specialists to deliver consultancy services to clients in Europe and the Middle East. He has more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and is a regular speaker at conferences (CERAWeek, Africa Oil Week, WPC). Prior to joining IHS Markit, he was European Head of Oil and Gas clients for Standard Chartered Bank in London, UK. He spent 15 years as a managing director leading M&A teams with Standard Chartered and prior to that, Harrison Lovegrove and ABN Amro. Jon began his career as an petroleum engineer with BG E&P, and subsequently worked for Hardy Oil and Gas and British-Borneo Oil and Gas in various techncal and then commercial roles. Mr. Story graduated from Cambridge University, UK, with an M.Eng in Chemical Engineering.

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Gina Hsieh

Ms. Hsieh often collaborates with client cross-functional teams to create decision support models that illustrate value and risk drivers of investment decisions. She is an expert in using probabilistic analysis in the oil and gas and power industries. As project manager for fiscal benchmarking studies and strategic due diligence projects, she has identified potential fiscal incentives for the client to discuss in negotiations with the local government or highlighted key risks and value drivers in developing new assets. Ms. Hsieh has also led the economic evaluation and analysis portion for multiple projects by building the model, running the quantitative analysis, and transferring the model for client usage in a workshop setting. Prior to the acquisition of the Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) Oil and Gas Practice by IHS Markit, Ms. Hsieh was an associate consultant and business analyst with SDG and worked on long-term strategy development in pharmaceuticals, in addition to energy. Ms. Hsieh holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Science and Engineering, with a concentration in Financial and Decision Engineering, from Stanford University, US.

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Justin Pettit

Mr. Pettit is an advisor to the oil & gas industry with more than twenty-five years of experience as a management consultant, bulge-bracket investment banker and oil company corporate development executive.After working internationally as a process engineer, Mr. Pettit entered the oil & gas sector as a senior business planner with Norcen Energy Resources. He went on to a successful career on Wall Street, making Partner at a boutique restructuring firm, serving as Global Head of Strategic Advisory for UBS Investment Bank (IBD) and co-leading Booz & Company's global M&A advisory service line, as a Lead Partner in the energy and chemicals practice. Mr. Pettit is the author of three business books - most recently, "The Final Frontier: E&P's Low-Cost Operating Model" (Wiley, 2018) and is Associate Editor on the Editorial Committee of the journal, "Energy GeoScience." He holds a BASc (mechanical engineering) from University of Toronto and MBA from Western University (Canada).

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Daniel Pratt, CFA

Mr. Pratt has 20 years of experience in the Upstream sector, helping build relationships with clients and supporting IHS Markit consulting and sales. His primary focus is on company analysis and understanding the valuation, strategy and performance of the world's leading upstream oil and gas companies, while providing a quantitative assessment of a company's ability to successfully execute its strategy, generate cash flow, and create shareholder value. Under his leadership, the Energy Transaction Research team is generating critical independent insights into the energy merger, acquisition and divestiture marketplace, and is dedicated to analyzing deals on a daily basis, while providing proprietary deal pricing, valuation benchmarks and M&A trend analysis. After two years as director of Oil & Gas Research at Ticonderoga Securities, where he covered North American E&P equities, writing research to serve institutional investors, Mr. Pratt returned to IHS Markit (now IHS Markit) in 2011. Previously, he spent the first 12 years of his career as an IHS Markit Herold equity analyst covering North American and International E&Ps. Mr. Pratt is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member of the CFA Institute, and a member of the Stamford CFA Society. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Rochester, United States.

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Mr. Lysle Brinker

He is a frequent strategic advisor to energy companies and investors on vital topics, including international resource portfolio management, integrated business models and capital strategies, procurement and performance. With a 30+ year career in energy industry valuation, Mr. Brinker is an expert in international oil economics and accounting and is responsible for overseeing the integrated, international equity and strategy analysis research for Upstream Energy at IHS Markit. Mr. Brinker travels regularly to deliver research and insights on the valuation, performance and strategies of publicly traded, global oil and gas companies. A member of the National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts (NAPIA), Mr. Brinker graduated from the Colorado School of Mines, US, with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering.

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Christopher Sheehan

He is responsible for overseeing global Herold transaction analysis, including the upstream M&A and Significant Energy Assets on the Market (SEAM) products. This insight research includes M&A Alerts, Monthly Perspectives, Quarterly Transaction Reviews, Year-End Transaction Reviews, and SEAM Alerts and Perspectives, as well as a global energy industry M&A database with more than 40,000 transactions. He is the primary author of the annual Herold Global Upstream M&A Review from IHS Markit, regularly presenting its findings to clients. In 1995, Mr. Sheehan joined IHS Markit Herold, now part of IHS Markit, and spent five years as a senior analyst following North American E&P companies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA from the University of Connecticut, US.

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Ulviyya Abdullayeva

Ms. Abdullayeva helps clients make complex decisions relating to the upstream oil and gas sector. Her clients include international and national oil & gas companies, governments, regulators, services companies and financial investors. The scope of Ms. Abdullayeva's advisory expertise spans corporate and asset strategy, opportunity identification, transactions & valuations and petroleum fiscal regimes. Ms. Abdullayeva is an experienced project manager and has led many global cross-practice multi-disciplinary teams of experts, delivering multi-million dollar consulting engagements. Prior to joining IHS Markit, she was a finance advisor in BP Azerbaijan, where she provided commercial support to BP-operated upstream and midstream assets in the Caspian. Ms. Abdullayeva holds an MBA in International Management and Finance from Thunderbird School of Global Management in USA, and is fluent in English and Russian.

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