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Subsurface Consulting & Mapping Analysis

Building reliable estimates and forecasts based on correct data, consistent interpretation

In the oil and gas industry, fortunes can be made or lost based on a company’s ability to anticipate where hydrocarbons are located in the ground and what it will take to recover them. The ability to make smart, confident decisions about exploration and production investments often depends upon access to accurate data and analysis from experts with a proven track record.

The upstream oil and gas consulting team at IHS Markit can help you optimize development of your company’s in-ground assets. We specialize in addressing complex reservoir situations by providing integrated subsurface consulting and mapping analysis solutions for:

  • Reserve and resource evaluation and auditing
  • Reservoir engineering & simulation
  • Geological studies
  • Reservoir development, production engineering, and asset optimization
  • Gas gathering system modelling
  • Well-test analysis field development planning and concept selection
  • Expert testimony

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Our ability to address the full spectrum of reservoir situations is based on the breadth and depth of IHS Markit expertise. We generate best-in-class exploration assessments, greenfield/brownfield development studies and large reserve evaluations by bringing together the technical skill sets of consultants from:

  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Reserves and Economic Evaluation
  • Well Testing
  • Wellbore Modeling
  • Pipeline Modeling
  • Development Planning
  • Uncertainty [Monte Carlo] Assessment

For each project, subsurface consultants from relevant disciplines develop an understanding of the available datasets and the conclusions that can be drawn – e.g. geology from regional studies, geophysics from seismic data, petrophysics from core and log data, reservoir engineering from production data, etc.

“Consistency of interpretation” is the hallmark of quality for the IHS Markit subsurface consulting team. We can optimize the reliability of our integrated analysis for investment and reporting purposes by ensuring that each discipline’s interpretation of the data is consistent with the core dataset as well as the analytic approach of the other disciplines.


Our subsurface consulting services are flexible and scalable to your needs. We support projects as small as a single well test analysis or wellbore model, or as large as a pool, field or offshore concession for well and facility optimization studies, exploration assessments and greenfield/brownfield developments.

The starting point for all of our subsurface projects is data gathering and rigorous quality control. Accuracy is essential, especially when data availability is limited. Something as simple as an off-depth perforation interval or an incorrectly reported pipeline operating pressure can invalidate any analysis, particularly if it is the only data point you have on hand at the time of the study.

Once we have obtained the best available data, IHS Markit experts from multiple disciplines deliver subsurface consulting and mapping analysis via:

  • Estimates of hydrocarbons-in-place, recovery factors and recoverable volumes
  • Forecasts of production rates and ultimate recovery, which become inputs for economic value assessments, exploration and development plans as well as the de-bottlenecking and optimal operation of producing fields and entities


Dave Lillico

Mr. Lillico has been responsible for the evaluation of reserves and resources for many domestic and international clients. His experience in the petroleum industry since 1989 encompasses reservoir analysis, pipeline/wellbore hydraulic modeling, production forecasting and field development planning for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Mr. Lillico holds an Honours Diploma in Petroleum Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada.

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Mohammad Tavallali, Ph.D.

Dr. Tavallali is a Professional Engineer who has been in the petroleum industry for over 15 years where he has been a project manager covering a diverse set of challenging engineering evaluations. He is an expert in analytical and numerical modelling of hydrocarbon recovery and reservoir characterization. In his role, he developed an extensive knowledge of the breadth of Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage technologies and applications in conventional & unconventional reservoirs as well as deep saline aquifers, well spacing optimization for unconventional reservoirs (Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Marcellus, Montney, Duvernay) and SAGD application, waterflood evaluation and optimization, assessment of gas storage application, flow assurance and advanced EOR simulations domestically and internationally

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Ivan Olea

He provides technical consulting for the oil and gas industry on production optimization, integrated reservoir engineering and reserves evaluation projects for conventional and unconventional plays, as well as expertise and training on production and reservoir engineering software from IHS Markit. The engineering studies on conventional and unconventional reservoirs include wellbore dynamics modelling, nodal analysis and evaluation of artificial lift systems, water and acid gas disposal. He joined IHS, now IHS Markit, during the 2013 acquisition of Fekete Associates Inc., a leading provider of integrated reservoir management software and services to the oil and gas industry. He previously worked for Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo (IMP). Mr. Olea holds a Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (specialization in Pipeline Engineering) from the University of Calgary, Canada.

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