Upstream Costs & Expenditures

IHS Upstream Costs and Expenditure offering is designed to help Operators effectively monitor, forecast, and manage major capital and subsequent operating cost investments for onshore and offshore field developments

It enables effective negotiations with vendors based on real industry costs and provides an independent view of the global upstream cost environment with the provision of forecasts of short-term cost movements and long-term cost trends.

Based on IHS Global Scenarios and analyses the drivers behind changes in the markets of the upstream industry.

Upstream Costs and Expenditure offering from IHS includes:

Upstream Spending and Industry Trends
Comprehensive and detailed view of spending and supplier trends with reports including Global Upstream Spending, North American Upstream Spending and Upstream Industry Trends.

Portfolio Indexes
Collectively monitors costs for a virtual portfolio around the world and are indexed to the year 2000 (2000 = 100). It includes Capital Costs (Offshore, Deepwater, Land), Operating Costs (Offshore, Onshore) with a Regional breakdown for 7 regions and different 3 IHS Scenarios.

Market Indexes
Individually and independently measures primary markets and are indexed against the year 2000 (2000 = 100). The indices include CAPEX: Offshore rigs, Offshore installation vessels, Subsea, Land rigs, Steel, Bulk materials, Equipment, Yards and fabrication. OPEX: Operations, Maintenance, Logistics, Wells along with engineering and project management, construction and labor.

Brazil Indexes
Brazil and FPSO portfolio indexes, and 9 individual market indexes, indexed against the year 2000 (2000 = 100)

Market Reviews and member workshops
Insights and engagement with IHS experts and industry peers
Quarterly market reviews for Upstream Capital Costs & Upstream Operating Costs. Annual market review for Brazil Costs, and regular updates covering: Project activity, Shipyards, Drilling, Vessels, Equipment, Local Content, Infrastructure & Road Map.

Upstream Capital & Operating Costs semi-annual workshops in (US/Europe); and additional annual workshop in APAC. Brazil Costs & Strategic Sourcing annual workshop in Rio.

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