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Total Materia by Key to Metals AG

Accelerate research and design decisions with the world’s most comprehensive materials database

Do your engineers need easy access to precise material property information?

Want a one-stop source for comprehensive, authoritative material property information?

Engineers require precise material property information, but typically this kind of data is scattered among many different sources, including standards, hardcopy and online books, journal articles, web sites and elsewhere. As a result, accessing accurate, up-to-date and verified material property data can be a time-consuming, tedious task. Total Materia, from Key to Metals AG, is the world’s most comprehensive materials database. Available in 24 languages, Total Materia covers metals, polymers, ceramics and composites with data updated monthly, so engineers always have access to the most up-to-date information available.

  • Achieve outstanding time savings and drive more accurate material selections
  • Provide a common platform for repeatable results throughout the organization
  • Open new opportunities for more optimized and cost-effective design
  • Avoid costly and potentially dangerous errors
  • Enhance efficiency throughout the entire process chain
  • Provide insight into material behavior in real life conditions
  • Bridge the gap between the processes of design and material acquisition
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Single-point Access to Authoritative Materials Property Data

The contents in Total Materia cover:

  • Properties for 380,000+ Materials
  • 1,800+ Sources for Advanced Data
  • Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites
  • 45,000+ Stress-Strain Curves
  • 69 Standard Development Organizations
  • 8,000+ Materials with Cyclic Properties
  • International Cross-Reference Tables
  • Property Estimation and Interpolation
  • Chemical Composition
  • Data Export to CAE Software
  • Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • Identification of Unknown Materials
  • Multiple Material Comparison Options
  • Standard and Material Update Tracking

A set of powerful components that add up to a total solution for essential materials information

Learn more about Total Metals, PolyPlus and the other components of the Total Materia solution.

Total Metals

The World’s Most Comprehensive Metals Database

  • More than 320,000 alloys - The largest resource of metal properties available
  • Cross-reference tables from 69 countries - Ultimate guide to find similar and equivalent materials
  • Standard data complimented by thousands of proprietary materials and other sources
  • Composition, mechanical and physical
  • Application guidelines
  • Heat treatment diagrams, properties on elevated temperatures
  • Outstanding time savings, increased accuracy and reliability
  • Common platform for repeatable results throughout the organization

Non-metallic material properties data for tens of thousands of plastic, ceramic and composite materials

  • Thousands of both standard and proprietary materials
  • Easily search advanced property data for non-metallic incl stress strain curves & cyclic properties
  • Mechanical, physical, thermal electrical properties and much more
  • Advanced property data – stress strain, fatigue etc
  • One stop resource for all material properties data needs
  • New opportunities in design by comparing the performance of completely diversified materials
Extended Range

Unrivaled material properties resource for advanced calculations

  • Unique collection of advanced property data for critical design activities
  • Effortless efficiency in finding reliable material property information, for advanced calculations
  • Proprietary data acquisition methodology for experimental data from 1,800+ references/documents
  • Avoid costly, dangerous errors and open new opportunities for optimized, cost-effective design
  • Enhance accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire process chain
  • Advanced Property Module for CAE simulation and advanced calculations
  • Stress-strain curves: >5000 materials (>45,000 curves); Formability curves: >3900
  • Fatigue: >8400 (>60,000 datasets); Fracture mechanics: >1000; Creep data: >9200

Corrosion data, dimensions, tolerances and coatings for 1000s of materials

  • Covers wide range of information in 3 data subsets, a vital added resource for material selection
  • Connects seamlessly to key info such as chemical composition, equivalent materials tables and more
  • Provide insights into material behavior in real conditions, drives more accurate material selection
  • Widen the scope of finding bulk material properties
  • Corrosion data, dimensions and tolerances and coatings information for thousands of materials
  • Corrosion: Rates and corrosion resistance specific
  • Dimensions and Tolerances: Material measurements, their permissible variations
  • Coatings: Coefficient of friction, maximum working temperature, micro hardness

Bridge the gap between data source and CAE software

  • Export data for multiple design activities, from mechanical properties to stress-strain curves
  • Simple process for selection, checking and importing data into a range of CAE solver formats
  • Fast, accurate transfer of data without the need for data processing or retyping
  • Tremendous time savings, whilst relieving you from tedious retyping
  • Increases accuracy by eliminating data editing errors, streamlines/systemizes data acquisition work
  • eXport data in multiple formats: XML file, Excel file
  • CAE solver formats Abaqus, Altair Radioss, ANSYS, Autodesk Inventor, ESI, LS Dyna, MSC Nastran, etc
Additional Essential Components

SmartComp - Immediate unknown material identification from chemical composition obtained from spectrometer or other analytical sources

  • Fast, multi-criteria material identification accelerates research time, increases efficiency
  • Strengthen business quality functions, from vendor assurance to material testing
  • Expert reasoning helps to make the right decisions – and quickly
  • Patented algorithms for identification of similar and equivalent materials
  • Finds possible matches based on the 320,000 alloys in the database
  • For analysis, reverse engineering and quality control activities
  • Integration with Total Materia allows material property details and cross-referencing to be viewed in seconds, and compared with other alternatives if needed

Tracker - Traceability of standard and material updates

  • See exactly what has changed within the database and when from standard version updates to property data changes, including updates to version changes, material property changes, historical changes
  • Track “favorite” materials and changes based on specific engineering needs
  • Ensure data are the most up to date and most reliable information available
  • Avoid unnecessary costs for standards acquisition
  • Drive business excellence through an optimized information usage workflow

Suppliers - Supplier sourcing directory and search engine

  • Find alternative suppliers from all over the world at the click of a button through seamless integration with all Total Materia packages
  • Allows a global approach to purchasing and material sourcing in synergy with international cross-reference tables
  • Open new opportunities for cost saving in material sourcing
  • Bring engineering, procurement and manufacturing together
  • Link materials with suppliers, helping avoiding costly errors in the decision making process

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