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Therapeutic Services

Perfect your go-to-market strategy

How can I effectively manage my pipeline and optimize new product launches?

These services provide data and analysis for drugs that are used to treat specific therapeutic areas – oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic, and ophthalmology – providing you with detailed insight into evolving treatment paradigms, comparators, endpoint selection, price and cost estimations by disease, HTA/reimbursement guidelines, pipeline activity and more. You get pricing, cost, reimbursement and clinical information to instantly value a drug at any development stage, as well as understand how approval and reimbursement decisions impact clinical trial design. You can also find different drug costs depending on the various diseases a drug is approved to treat. Direct analyst access and our flexible data delivery platform allow you to:

  • Identify winning approval and reimbursement criteria
  • Track drugs from the earliest Phase I development stage to market launch
  • Monitor detailed reimbursement guidelines
  • Find new licensing and R&D opportunities
  • Prepare an integrated LCM strategy
  • Monitor competitor, customer and pipeline activity


World Markets Oncology

Daily Analysis
Major oncology market trends, developments and events by cancer area, drug class and regulatory profile (regulatory submissions, price changes, major conferences, clinical data , mergers and acquisitions)

Analyst Access
On-demand access to IHS Markit Life Sciences analysts

Oncology Milestones
Weekly data recap and oncology market analysis

Special Reports
Monthly client-driven reports on oncology trends

Drug Profiles
Review of 200+ cancer areas, drug classes, and regulatory profiles, including: standard of care, new drug approvals, market data, cancer-related drug classes overview , older areas (plant alkaloids), newer areas (TK inhibitors, HDAC inhibitors), non-approved classes (HSP90 inhibitors), and regulation and pricing overview

OncoInsight Database
Daily updated database covering 20,000+ approved and R&D drugs, including global pipelines, pricing, approval and cost information, with 100 datasets per drug from Phase I through approval:

  • Average annual cost
  • Reimbursement restrictions
  • Ex-manufacturing prices
  • Clinical trial design, endpoints and results
  • Approval dates, expected filings, new indications and orphan drug/fast-track designations
  • Descriptions, including experimental drugs
  • Licensing, patents, and strategic planning information
World Markets Cardiovascular and Metabolic

Daily Analysis
Major cardiovascular and metabolic therapeutic market developments, market trends, and events

Analyst Access
On-demand access to IHS Markit Life Sciences analysts

Quarterly Reports
Data updates summary and editorial analysis

Disease Profiles
Overview of 19 cardiovascular and 18 metabolic diseases with related drug approval/regulations, pricing/ reimbursement conditions and national programs (see coverage below)

Country Profiles
Regulatory profiles with diseases overview, drug approval and regulations, P&R conditions and national programs for nine countries (see coverage below)

Cardiovascular/Metabolic Data
Over 30 disease profiles, detailing:

  • Corporate information
  • Drug disease landscape
  • Clinical data
  • Pricing, cost and sales Information
  • Regulatory and reimbursement information
World Markets Ophthalmology

Daily Analysis
Key ophthalmology market trends and events

Analyst Access
On-demand access to IHS Markit Life Sciences analysts

Ophthalmology Milestones
Monthly data recap and ophthalmology market analysis

OphthaOnline Database
500+ drugs—approved and under development—across 12 disease areas with up to 55 datasets per drug from Phase I through approval:

  • Pricing & reimbursement (average costs, ex-manufacturing prices, reimbursement restrictions, guidelines)
  • R&D (clinical trial design, endpoints, results and approvals)
  • Disease areas (drug classes and product concentration, disease landscape)
  • Corporate (licensing, patent and strategic planning information)

Solve Your Business Challenge

I need to find relevant data to develop an effective market access and reimbursement strategy.Leverage our therapeutic databases for consistently structured data across a full range of market access variables.
I need to know which data regulatory bodies might consider during the approval processRefer to outcomes data for evidence that supports drug approval applications.
We don’t know the value of our drug.Use our databases to evaluate how your treatment compares to standards of care, including clinical endpoints, reimbursement and payer strategies.
How can I monitor pipeline activity and monetize the true value of new drugs in light of reimbursement restrictions?Pair Same-Day Analysis with our databases to track drugs in development and quickly identify competitor threats.
Our market access and product development functions use multiple data sources data, causing significant inefficiencies.Access a single source of consistently-structured cross-functional data for better efficiency.
How can I maximize return on investment within this area?Leverage our expert insight and non-stop market coverage to identify and capitalize on opportunities.
When faced with a timely decision, I can’t find objective intelligence or expertise.Email our Life Sciences experts for a fast response.

Why Technology is Not a Silver Bullet When It Comes to Diabetes

The evolution of insulin has undergone a tremendous change, from multiple injections routines to continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion through pumps. Pharmaceutical companies have been very active in inventing better methods of drug delivery, reducing the overall dose frequency and launching re-usable delivery systems. Unfortunately, two of the most powerful practices aren’t widely used: making lifestyle changes and adhering to regimens that regulate blood-sugar levels. These behaviors lower health costs and extend quality of life for diabetes patients, but patient buy-in has remained low on both.

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