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Tax Solutions

Delivering comprehensive tax consulting, outsourcing and technology solutions designed by industry experts

CTI Tax Solutions by IHS Markit was designed by a team of leading industry experts to deliver comprehensive tax consulting, outsourcing and technology solutions for the global marketplace. No matter which jurisdiction or regulatory obligation your business encounters, CTI Tax Solutions enables customers to scale and streamline tax compliance processes. Through our secure electronic exchange, you can reduce the resource burdens of tax, onboarding and accounts payable teams while creating the efficiencies necessary to manage an ever-increasing scope of compliance processes.

From QI and FATCA to CRS due diligence, Section 871(m), Section 305(c), and other regulatory requirements, CTI Tax Solutions helps you achieve timely and accurate regulatory compliance including validation of Forms W-8, W-9, KYC documents and self-certifications, withholding rate calculations, GIIN/TIN matching and information return reporting. Our technology teams deliver quarterly system upgrades to continuously address the constantly evolving tax environment. This is all backed by our team of dedicated professionals who can assist with onboarding and outsourcing to save critical time and resources.

Key benefits:

  • Outsourcing – Get a comprehensive solution for compliance with domestic, non-resident, FATCA tax withholding and information return reporting needs, and Common Reporting Standard due diligence and reporting requirements. Services include tax form validation, validation of KYC documents and self-certifications, withholding rate calculations, GIIN/TIN matching, information return reporting, and periodic reviews of compliance
  • Cost savings – Reduce costs associated with tax compliance, investor onboarding and compliance monitoring – an especially important benefit due to the growing cost of non-compliance penalties and reputational damage for institutions not applying these complicated rules correctly
  • Expertise – Obtain operational and tax technical training and education for participants and other interested parties
  • Transparency – Review our processes, methodology, results and documentation, as defined by auction sponsors, which is available to all participants, with fully auditable auction proceedings and results
  • Consulting – Take advantage of our advisory and consulting services and work with a subject matter expert to define your firm’s procedures and tax documentation, reporting and withholding requirements


  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Online banking and brokerage firms
  • Private equity firms

End-to-end Tax Solutions from IHS Markit


Cost Basis Reporting

IHS Markit has partnered with Scivantage to provide an end-to-end streamlined and automated solution for real-time cost basis calculations and Form 1099-B reporting. Our combined offering integrates with your existing books and records to capture cost basis data with advanced portfolio analytics. This information is integrated with our core due diligence, withholding and reporting modules for accurate Form 1099 and Form 1042-s reporting.

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Products and Solutions

  • Tax Solutions: Electronic Subscription Documents

    There has been a heightened focus in recent years on regulatory compliance obligations for financial institutions. Managing investor onboarding and ongoing due diligence compliance monitoring is critically sensitive and administratively overwhelming. This increasing regulatory burden has also affected the investor’s experience, with a real impact on client-facing relationships.

  • CTI Tax Solutions: Validation

    CTI Tax Solutions offer a suite of due diligence validation tools for the solicitation, renewal and validation of Forms W-8 and W-9, know your customer and self-certifications for financial services firms and multi-national corporations.

  • CTI Tax Solutions: Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

    Financial institutions (FIs) face a unique challenge as global tax authorities have recognized the benefit of receiving tax reporting on their tax residents as a measure to counter tax evasion. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issued a global Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (AEOI), including the Commentary on the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

  • Section 871(m) Eligibility

    Our solution provides a breakdown on the qualification of global index and ETF products. Based on a number of conditions and determinative criteria, the output of our solution will assist in flagging whether a security qualifies for Section 871(m). Our solution is utilized by financial institutions holding Qualified Derivatives Dealer (QDD) status and looking to identify withholding tax requirements, or those lacking QDD status and looking to screen the population of indices and ETFs in the marketplace.

  • CTI Tax Solutions: Tax Withholding and Reporting

    CTI Tax Solutions from IHS Markit provide tax withholding and reporting modules that allow correct withholding payments to be made to both US and non-US recipients and enable withholding agents to generate appropriate information returns for submissions to both the IRS and local tax authorities in Model 1 IGA jurisdictions.

  • Vendor Tax Solutions

    The increased IRS audit focus on payments made to US and foreign vendors, along with significant recent uplifts in information reporting penalties, have made it more critical than ever for companies to have effective compliance procedures in place.

  • Vendor Risk and Due Diligence

    For vendors and third parties, and the organizations who work with them, meeting compliance and tax requirements can be costly, time consuming and inefficient.

  • Regulatory Requirements

    We understand your growing need for access to best-in-class technology and expertise to address increasing regulatory requirements. Our solutions and services enable you to meet global regulatory obligations, increase efficiency in your organization, and mitigate enterprise and operational risk while reducing costs.

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