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Solutions for Suppliers and Aftermarket

Drive revenue and margin growth while mitigating risks

Platform consolidation and increasing demands by automakers to competitively source parts and components “close” to consumer markets creates tremendous pressure for suppliers. In order to compete effectively and maintain healthy margins, suppliers must have ready and reliable access to trusted market and brand forecasts, clear line of site into Auto Maker and Tier-1 supplier production plans, and access to a comprehensive database of vehicles-in-operation (VIO).

  • Suppliers rely on IHS Markit as the most comprehensive and trusted source of industry, market, vehicle and consumer information, helping identify opportunities for growth and reduce cost. 
  • Product strategists, planners and business developers rely on IHS Markit to identify market potential, risk, and OE lifecycle plans, pricing and forecasts. 
  • Engineering, manufacturing and logistics professionals rely on IHS Markit to deliver critical engineering standards, reference information and regulations to improve operational effectiveness and product quality. 
  • Retail and distribution professionals look to IHS Markit for catalog data management, inventory, supply chain and distribution strategies.

Automotive Solutions

Product Strategy and Planning

Identify, capture and grow parts and components revenue

Rapid technology adoption, increased introduction of new and revised models, platform consolidations is the new automotive industry norm. Ensuring effective capacity planning for current and future inventories directly impacts revenues and margins. To identify new opportunities for growth and, position effectively against the competition, suppliers need a comprehensive, accurate and timely source of industry, market and vehicle insight.

Built on a foundation of the most trusted source of global demand forecasts that cover 99% of global vehicle production, vehicle registration and vehicles-in-operation, IHS Markit delivers solutions that:

  • Analyze Market Demand and Sizing – utilize market (VIO) and OE production forecasts; sourcing and risk assessments; replacement rates; light, medium and heavy-duty vehicle coverage.
  • Improve product lifecycle plans – gain insights into vehicle trending; new technology developments and adoption; regulatory and compliance; coverage and retirement rates; links to ACES/TecDoc.
  • Effectively position against the competition – leverage competitive production locations and forecasts and pricing.
  • Improve supply chain efficiency – capitalize on insights into initial order quantities; stocking and client stocking strategies; and stock re-distribution.
Solutions include:
Engineering, Operations and Manufacturing

Improve engineering and manufacturing operations globally

Throughout the engineering and manufacturing process, thousands of decisions are made that impact time to market, product quality, safety and cost. Maintaining or building a competitive edge relies on engineers and suppliers collaborating globally, leveraging knowledge and design reuse, and improving material and component sourcing.

IHS Markit helps you optimize manufacturing investments, improve engineering and operations, lower costs across manufacturing operations, and minimize risks across the supply chain.

Solutions include
Parts and Service

Drive aftermarket revenue and profitability

With the lengthening of vehicle ownership, the market for replacement parts and extended vehicle service has never been greater. To capitalize on this lucrative trend, aftermarket parts and service suppliers need ready access to a comprehensive, accurate and timely source of market, PARC and VIO insight.

IHS Markit provides solutions that help suppliers:

  • Analyze Markets and Size Demand – detail market growth/decline and potential; vehicle market make-up including type, age and change over time; replacement rates, part demand and sales forecasts.
  • Improve Catalog Data Management – gain insights into ACES/TechDOC mapping and integration; OE and competitive pricing; eCatalog file creation; images and specifications.
  • Optimize Parts Distribution Performance – capitalize on insights into initial order quantity; stocking/client stocking location strategy (garaged vs. repair); reverse distribution and redistribution.
Solutions include:

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