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Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP)

Leverage unique strategic analysis and insight.

IHS Markit Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP) (formerly SRI Consulting's Specialty Chemicals Update Program) provides detailed analysis of the global specialty chemicals industry. SCUP provides a strategic analysis of 38 specialty chemical businesses, including market drivers, key players, industry structure and dynamics, critical factors for success, and threats or opportunities. The program is unrivaled in breadth, depth and quality of data covering critical factors for success, government regulations, industry structure, market participants, market size and growth rates, operating characteristics, prices, products and functions and trends and strategic issues. Find out why SCUP is the single source for unique insights into the global specialty chemicals industry.

The Full SCUP subscription includes:

Inquiry & Consulting Privileges

Annual subscribers to the Specialty Chemicals Update Program have access to analysts in North America, Europe and Asia. A key feature of an annual subscription, inquiry privileges give clients answers to specific immediate questions in a timely fashion. All inquiries remain strictly confidential. For consultations beyond the scope of the inquiry service, the program will develop additional information under a separate research or consulting contract.

While reports may be purchased individually, full subscriptions to SCUP include:

  • IHS Markit Specialty Chemicals Industry Overview, updated annually
  • Access to all current reports, available online or in hard copy
  • Ability to suggest topics for future reports
  • New or updated reports on specific specialty chemicals to be issued during the year
  • Inquiry and consulting privileges

Individual Reports

The Specialty Chemicals Update Program provides an in-depth analysis of 38 specialty chemical businesses. Individual reports cover specific specialty chemical markets, functional categories, or technologies.

An essential tool for planning and screening investment opportunities For business planning and screening investment opportunities across 35 specialty chemical markets.
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Specialty Chemicals Update Program
Available Reports

A-to-Z Reports






Catalysts, Emission Control
Catalysts, Petroleum and Chemical Process
Cleaners, Industrial and Institutional
Coatings - High Performance Anticorrosion  
Coatings, Radiation Curable
Coatings, Thermosetting Powder
Construction Chemicals
Corrosion Inhibitors
Cosmetic Chemicals


Electronic Chemicals: Display Materials  
Electronic Chemicals: PCB Chemicals and Semiconductor Packaging Materials  
Electronic Chemicals: Semiconductors, Silicon and IC Process Chemicals  


Feed Additives
Flame Retardants  
Flavors and Fragrances  
Food Additives  


Imaging Chemicals and Materials - Electrophotography, Thermal Printing, Photography  


Lubricants, Synthetic
Lubricating Oil Additives


Mining Chemicals


Nutraceutical Ingredients


Oil Field Chemicals

Overview of the Specialty Chemicals Industry  


Plastics Additives  
Printing Inks


Rubber Processing Chemicals  


Specialty Adhesives and Sealants
Specialty Films  

Specialty Paper Chemicals  


Textile Chemicals  
Thermoplastics - Compounding of Engineering  
Thermoplastics, High-Performance


Water Management Chemicals  
Water-Soluble Polymers

Overview & Benefits

Market & Business Research

Analysts, planners, managers and investors in the specialty chemicals sector turn to our Specialty Chemicals Update Program to inform their strategic decisions. Our collection of reports and annual IHS Markit Specialty Chemicals Industry Overview offer in-depth coverage of these highly interconnected markets from a global perspective, while addressing regional differences and similarities across North America, Europe, China and Japan. Each report, which focuses on either a market or functional area, analyzes key issues facing both suppliers and their end-use customers.

Concepts covered:

  • Industry structure
  • Operating characteristics and profitability drivers
  • Government regulations
  • Critical success factors
  • Products and functions
  • Consumption, market size and forecasts
  • Market participants
  • Prices
  • Future trends, threats, opportunities and other strategic issues

While reports may be purchased individually, full subscriptions to SCUP include:

  • IHS Markit Specialty Chemicals Industry Overview, updated annually
  • Access to all current reports, available online
  • Ability to suggest topics for future reports
  • New or updated reports on specific specialty chemicals to be issued during the year
  • Inquiry and consulting privileges
Who uses the service?How?
Strategic planning managersTo identify trends and driving forces influencing specialty chemical markets
Business or market analystsTo find accurate and independent information on global specialty chemicals markets
Product or business managersTo identify new business opportunities and threats
Investment bankers and investment companiesTo obtain accurate, impartial information on the world's chemical markets and understand market concentration/key players


IHS Markit Specialty Chemicals Update Program enables you to:

  • Save company time and resources by obtaining information from a single source that is unrivaled in coverage, comprehensiveness and quality of data
  • Rest assured that you are relying upon independent, unbiased analyses
  • Obtain data and analysis vital to strategic decision making
  • Access extensive databases and personal contacts within the global chemical industry
  • Purchase an annual subscription to the entire collection or buy single reports by market/product
  • Use our inquiry service (for full subscriptions only) to find answers quickly to specific immediate questions

To learn more about the Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP), please:

IHS Markit is permitted by SRI International to continue use of the SRI Consulting name and trademarks on relevant historical reports published prior to April 1, 2012.

Publication Schedule

Clients can view abstracts, tables of contents and prices for individual reports by viewing the listing of SCUP reports currently available. To view the listing of recently issued reports, see Latest Updates under Chemical News.

The 2022 SCUP schedule is available here.

Ordering Info

Purchase Options

Full SCUP SubscriptionIndividual SCUP Report
Over 38 SCUP reportsOnline access to PDF report and associated excel workbook
Frequent purchases (5+ reports/year)
Access to exclusive subscriber website
Specialty Chemical Industry Overview annual report included
Inquiry and consulting privileges with SCUP analysts 
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