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Specialty Chemicals Suites

As the chemical industry becomes more complex, with greater competition than ever before, you want to ensure that you are making the right business decisions to maximize business potential. Credible, up-to-date industry information and in-depth, authoritative market analysis are paramount. Gathering this information is a time-consuming process. Chemical Specialty Suites does the work for you by assembling specific Chemical Economics Handbook (CEH) and Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP) reports for chemicals that are relevant to your end-use market. With each of our 14 suites, you receive detailed market data, a five-year forecast and actionable insights, along with inquiry privileges to speak to an Chemical expert about the report findings.

In publication for more than sixty years, these reports offer a trusted reference and allow you to understand:

  • Trends and strategic issues driving specific chemical markets
  • Market opportunities and threats
  • Global and regional supply-demand dynamics
  • Major growth drivers in end-use markets
  • Key players and issues along the entire industry value chain

Product and Solutions

  • Water Treatment Reports Suite

    Water is a prerequisite for life on Earth. The growing human population increases water consumption and enforces usages of water with higher salt content. Industry and municipalities are increasingly using both coastal (seawater) and inland water sources with high salt levels. Industrial, mining and thermoelectric applications also directly use saline water. Mega cities face great pressure to cope with enormous amounts of waste water, which needs to be processed using various chemicals before it can be reused.

  • Surfactants Report Suite

    Widespread use of surfactants, surface active agents, and chemicals from household and cosmetics products to industrial processes and products, has prompted suppliers and users to develop highly integrated business relationships across the surfactants value chain. Surfactant markets and products are constantly evolving, providing opportunities and challenges. The Surfactants Report Suite will enable you to stay on top of changes within this market and related industries.

  • Renewables Report Suite

    Crude oil and natural gas are, and have long been, the primary feedstocks for the global chemical industry. But renewable chemical feedstocks are beginning to challenge fossil fuel dominance. Natural fats, oil, starches and sugars are well-established feedstocks for oleochemicals and biofuels. More recently, these plant-derived feedstocks have emerged as starting materials for commodity chemicals, novel chemicals and plastics.

  • Performance Plastics Reports Suite

    Major growth drivers for performance plastics reside in automotive manufacturing where lightweighting is taking place to increase fuel efficiency and cut emissions. Compared to commodity plastics, performance plastics exhibit superior mechanical properties and improved chemical resistance, especially when exposed to high temperatures or other extreme conditions.

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