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Special Report - Latin America Polyethylene

Latin America Polyethylene Market: Supply Shortfalls, the Growing Opportunity

How will the growing shortfall of polyethylene supply in Latin America affect trade in the region?
What will it mean for market participants both inside and outside of the region?

Demand for polyethylene in Latin America is growing significantly. Currently, regional demand is more than 7 million metric tons per year; by 2020, this volume is expected to exceed 8.6 million metric tons. Latin America is already a significant net importer of polyethylene resin, importing approximately 4 million metric tons of the resin in 2014.

Looking forward, only one significant production capacity addition for polyethylene is planned in the region. This means that imported polyethylene material – especially from new capacity that is being added in the United States – will become increasingly important to the market. Polyethylene imports into Latin America are expected to exceed 5 million metric tons by 2020.

Client Benefits

A deep understanding of the Latin American PE market requires country-by-country data and analysis. End-use and consumption patterns change throughout the region. The favorability of importing materials varies by country. The competitive landscape and the constellation of players change between sub-regions and countries.

For market participants in the Latin America region, this report will provide crucial details on the location and type of demand that could be satisfied from growing imports. This report will highlight areas of growth and market shifts that may represent new opportunities. Moreover, this report will provide market detail, such as a breakdown by co-monomer type and end-use markets.

Key Questions Addressed in the Study

  • What is the general business environment in Latin America?
  • How big are the polyethylene supply shortfalls and how long will they last?
  • Are there relevant projects involving polyethylene production in sight?
  • Where is demand concentrated in Latin America?
  • Which grades, applications and markets are the most relevant?
  • What are the growth projections through 2025?
  • Who are the key players, suppliers and consumers in the region?
  • How relevant are growing demand and future market shifts for potential newcomers and existing players?
  • What are the potential implications for your company?
Scope of Work

This report will provide a deep-dive examination of the polyethylene market in the key Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), offering a unique level of detail, such as:

  • Demand projections through 2025, including:
    • Break-down by product family, including break-down into co-monomer type, where applicable
    • Break-down by main country/sub-region, process group and by end-use market
    • Break-down by end-use market
  • Analysis of the regional competitive landscape
  • List of top converters for each major country, including company contact information and yearly consumption volume ranges

For this study, IHS Chemical will work with its strategic partner MaxiQuim, which will provide the expertise and market intelligence on the Brazilian market. The study will be conducted by a team with Spanish and Portuguese language skills and extensive experience with Latin America’s chemical and plastics markets. The data will be collected through interviews conducted in person, electronically, and via phone.


The narrative report will be delivered in PDF format, with Excel spreadsheets containing all of the supply/demand data and graphics for the study as well as a listing of the top polyethylene consumers in each major country in Latin America. The consumer listings will include business sector, main product lines, country, city, contact information and yearly consumption ranges by product family. IHS and MaxiQuim experts will be available to answer questions about the report content. Moreover, an optional face-to-face workshop session with a team expert will be available to report subscribers for a cost recovery fee. In this session, participants will not only have the opportunity to profit additionally from the team’s market knowledge and insight gained during the research phase, but also will discuss the potential implications for their business.

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

2) Latin America regional overview

  1. Economic and political environment
  2. Critical industry segments related to polyethylene demand

3) Regional polyethylene market summary

4) Country-by-country polyethylene market analysis
Provided for Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

  1. Business and industry environment
    1. Economic and political environment
    2. Discussion of critical industry segments for polyethylene demand
  2. Competitive landscape
  3. Polyethylene demand
    Provided separately for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE
    1. Overview of country’s supply situation
    2. Demand forecast through 2025, with breakdown by
      1. Processing: film, sheet, extrusion coating, injection molding, etc.
      2. End-market: food packaging, industrial packaging, agriculture, construction, etc..
      3. Where applicable, segmentation by co-monomer and catalyst type.
    3. Map of main consumption locations
  4. Polyethylene supply
    Provided separately for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE
    1. Overview of country’s supply situation
    2. Supply forecast through 2025, with breakdown by
      1. Capacity by process
      2. Capacity by company (where applicable)
    3. Map of production locations
  5. A brief review of local logistics

5) Appendix (Excel format)

  1. Demand and supply tables through 2025
  2. Capacity listings through 2025
  3. List of top polyethylene consumers by country including contact information, main product lines and consumption volume ranges by resin family (LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE). Where applicable, the lis t will also indicate the co-monomer type being consumed by the companies and which ones are consumers of metallocene grades
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Polyethylene: "Latin America Polyethylene Market: Supply Shortfalls, the Growing Opportunity"
The Latin America polyethylene market is growing rapidly - demand will exceed 8.6 million metric tons by 2020. With only one major capacity addition in sight, imports will significantly increase for the region. This report will provide break-downs of demand by product family (including into co-monomer type where applicable), main country/sub-region, process group, and end-use market. The study will describe the competitive landscape of the Latin America Market and its main players and list the top polyethylene consumers by country, including demand data and contact information.

Download Prospectus (PDF, 442 KB)

  • Raul Arias – Director, Chemical Consulting
  • Rina Quijada – Senior Director, Latin America
  • Pam Giordano – Managing Director, Chemical Consulting
  • Joel Morales – Director, Polyolefins North America
  • Jesus “Jesse” Tijerina – Director, Chemical Consulting
  • Javier Ortiz – Principal Analyst, Polyolefins
  • Solange Stumpf – Director, MaxiQuim
  • Marta Loss Drummond - Senior Consultant, MaxiQuim
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