IHS Evolution

Quickly evaluate different development strategies to optimize your final choice

When faced with multiple field development plans, how do you choose?

Evolution software helps you compare and select the best tight and shale gas development plan. Evaluate optimum well spacing, scheduling, and completion type using analytical reservoir modeling and simple economics. Use the reservoir model to predict new well performance, and run multiple development scenarios to evaluate the sensitivity of net present value to different reservoir and economic parameters. Generate production and cash-flow forecasts, and find the scenario with the most profitable results.

Learn how to:

  • Make better, faster field planning decisions
  • Determine optimal well spacing, surface capacity and scheduling
  • Assess optimal fracture spacing in horizontal wells


Well Spacing

Determine Optimum Well Spacing

Answer the question “How many wells do I need to optimally produce this field?” by comparing and evaluating a wide range of development scenarios based on both recovery and profitability indicators. Test the sensitivity of results to uncertainty in various reservoir and economic input parameters.

Well Scheduling

Schedule On-stream Dates for New Wells

Determine when new wells need to come on-stream to maintain a predetermined maximum field production rate. Use the analytical reservoir model to predict new well performance, accounting for depletion and well placement.

Surface Capacity

Optimize Surface Capacity

Determine the most efficient usage of gathering system facilities in a “green field” development. Run multiple scenarios using different maximum field rates to find the most profitable results.

Horizontal Well Fracture Spacing

Evaluate Optimum Fracture Spacing in Horizontal Wells

Generate production and cash-flow forecasts for different complex completions, including multi-laterals and multi-stage fractures.

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