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Align your product mix with the marketplace.

The top 25 chipmakers annually amass revenue amounting to 74 percent of the total $300+ billion semiconductor industry. As the world becomes ever more technical and a higher level of semiconductor content is included in every electronics application, the market shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.

IHS Markit analyzes every facet of the semiconductor industry in detail, from raw materials and wafer fabrication through forecasts of end market consumption — to help you:

  • Mitigate risk within the semiconductor supply chain
  • Understand regional market drivers
  • Plan from reliable forecasts
  • Identify markets for entry or exit
  • Anticipate demand for future production

Products & Solutions

  • Memory & Storage

    Significant changes have swept the memory business owing to industry consolidation and capacity realignment, leading to a more stable supplier landscape. But manufacturers are seeking other opportunities for future growth in light of a maturing mobile market. New areas of expansion include automotive connectivity and smart devices that require valuable memory to process and store data.

    Get a comprehensive look at the DRAM and flash markets, including supply and demand ramifications, with our in-depth research that includes up-to-date forecasting for units, average selling prices and revenues.

  • MEMS & Sensors

    MEMS remains a bright spot in the semiconductor world, expanding faster than the overall chip industry. Consumer and mobile applications continue to be the leading MEMS segments despite saturation of the handset and tablet markets. Even so, other areas are emerging as the next major drivers of MEMS market growth, such as the IoT impacting the industrial space, as well as mandates on safety sensors attaining full implementation in automotive.

    Follow both leading and potential high-value future products for semiconductors — including opportunities for the MEM business in its automotive, consumer electronics, mobile, medical and industrial segments — with our wide-ranging research and analysis.

  • Semiconductor Components

    With the semiconductor market highly dependent on consumer purchases, a contracting global economy resulted in negative growth for semiconductor sales the past several years, despite strong IC revenue growth from industrial electronics and automotive applications.

    Gain insight into all aspects of semiconductor technology with our extensive research categorized by application market, geographical region and semiconductor device for key verticals. Coverage includes MEMS, memory, LED, power management and more.

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Semiconductor demand is highly reliant on global economic factors. But traditional demand drivers are declining, while propellers for next-generation demand remain many years away from positively impacting chip manufacturing. Yet innovations in every technology sector are setting the stage for even more change to come.

    Gain access to detailed information on the making of semiconductors by both pure-play foundries and IDMs with our semiconductor manufacturing market research. This service tracks changes in semiconductor equipment and chip technology, while offering important perspectives on strategies and trends to empower companies in key manufacturing resource-planning decisions.


Sensors, Sensors Everywhere

Over the course of an average day, a typical consumer encounters more than 100 different sensors that inform, alert, entertain, protect and ease comfort. Most people, however, don't even know the sensors are there. Given the growing capabilities of sensors and their proliferation across many markets, our lives might look very different in 10 years. In 2024, the average consumer will interact with well over 300 sensors each day.

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