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Security Technology

Support your business needs in the security space.

Many varying trends require constant monitoring in physical security areas such as video surveillance and access control. From aggressive price competition, supply base consolidation and China’s continued prevalence, to smart home uptake and the continuing movement from standard to high definition, timely market intelligence is more important than ever.

Cybersecurity is a top-of-mind IT issue for everyone from the smallest businesses to the largest cloud and telecom service providers. Systems and networks are facing an increasingly hostile threat environment, and massive data breaches are occurring at an alarming rate. The companies that build the solutions that secure users and networks — firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, DDoS mitigation, web/mail security, advanced threat protection — need to understand what is going on in their markets and what buyers are seeking.

On the digital security and ID side, the market is constantly evolving to adapt to changes in the physical and virtual worlds. This results in ongoing changes to the credentials that are required to keep information safe: the SIM cards in phones, the secure chips in contactless payment cards or the chips in e-passports.

IHS Markit provides extensive coverage of security technology markets, encompassing access control and fire, cybersecurity, digital ID, critical communications and video surveillance. Our analysts and dedicated security consultants track the market, covering equipment, software, technologies, distribution channels and vertical applications — to help you:

  • Protect against threats and data loss
  • Adapt to technology changes
  • Mitigate risk
  • Preserve employee productivity

Products & Solutions

  • Access Control & Fire

    The vast majority of the installed base of access control readers, panels and electronic locks is in the form of credentials — not surprising given the requirement that each user possess a card or pass. Although making up a majority of the market, credentials growth is slowing because turnover is high, with employees moving through jobs and people misplacing credentials cards or passes.

    Get a complete view of the market with our essential research on fire and security equipment, services and vertical applications across access control, fire detection and suppression, counterterrorism and more.

  • Critical Communications

    Critical communications and public safety are going through a transition toward digital and broadband technologies. But how will the industry adapt to end-user needs while maintaining a competitive advantage as new business models emerge and new players enter the market? TETRA, P25, DMR and TETRAPOL are here to stay, but are they truly able to meet the growing demands driven by the benefits of high-data applications such as drones, big data, cloud integration and wearable technologies?

    Obtain timely information on today's critical communications market with our coverage of command and control rooms, safe cities, public safety technologies, licensed mobile radio, critical communications broadband LTE and more.

  • Cybersecurity & Digital ID

    The enormous rise in incidence and sophistication of cyberattacks over the years has driven an increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions across a range of applications, including automotive, healthcare, industrial utilities, telecom, payment and digital ID cards.

    Assess the complexity of cybersecurity threats and challenges, as well as the diversity of the market for cyber solutions, with our detailed analysis of individual vertical markets — from market-specific operating models to key trends and development opportunities for future cyber revenues.

    Our comprehensive digital ID research offers deep insight into SIM/eSIM, near field and proximity payments, fraud protection, mPOS, payment cards, E-government and healthcare ID cards, and identity management.

  • Video Surveillance

    Many factors affecting the video surveillance industry today — aggressive price competition, supply base consolidation, China's continued prevalence, intelligent analytics, safe cities and the continuing movement from standard to high definition video — make timely market intelligence more important than ever.

    Confront the complexities of the global professional and consumer video surveillance markets with our extensive market data and insights.

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