Sea-web Directory

Complete reference on maritime companies and ship operators

Available as a standalone purchase, Sea-web Directory offers detailed information on 240,000+ maritime companies and 129,000+ ship operators. It replaces The World Shipping Directory (print and online editions), a trusted source of maritime industry contact data throughout 22 consecutive editions. 

Use Sea-web Directory to:

  • Find a supplier
  • Generate leads
  • Network faster
  • Research new markets

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  • 240,000+ maritime companies
  • 129,000+ ship operators
  • 52,000+ contact names
  • Company details:
    • Addresses
    • Telephone, fax and website
    • Associated companies
    • Personnel details including position, email and telephone
    • Ability to add notes
    • Company news stores
  • Maritime business areas:
    • Ship operators, managers, charterers
    • Shipbuilders and repairers
    • Engine builders, designers and repairers
    • Towing and salvage, offshore supply and dredging
    • Marine equipment and services
    • Marine computing
    • Ship finance and ship brokers
    • Marine insurance, protection and indemnity
    • Maritime lawyers and arbitrators
    • Maritime organizations
    • Consultants and surveyors
    • Maritime schools and classification societies
    • Port authorities and operators
  • Search by company name, contact surname, type, business area, location
  • Update your company's database
  • Export contact, address, personnel to Excel
  • See latest company news, top company story and your recently viewed companies

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Add-on modules

For an additional purchase, you can add the following modules to your subscription:

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