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Global Risk Data: Intelligence Events

Extracting timely, structured intelligence signals from multilingual news, social and other open unstructured data sources.

We collect event data with purpose against business intelligence requirements, to better understand the world, how it is changing, and inform risk monitoring analysis and forecasts. Clients trust our intelligence events data to be better informed on what is happening each day on the ground, in the locations and sectors that matter to them.

Our intelligence events provide dynamic, granular, trusted data on terrorism, insurgency, civil unrest, violent conflict, crime and geopolitical risk. Our database covers:

  • A 10+ year history of over 2.4 million human curated risk events, with around 1,000 new curated events added daily.
  • Global coverage of every country and territory in the world, with collection in multiple local languages.
  • Risk events from across the PELTOS spectrum, covering Political, Economic, Legal, Tax, Operational and Security issues.
  • Structured attributes and human-readable descriptions support the data’s rapid API integration into a wide range of qualitative and quantitative applications and workflows.
  • Custom monitoring and classification for client bespoke business intelligence requirements.
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How our clients use our intelligence events


  • Informing underwriting risk selection and pricing by providing underwriters with an immediate understanding of the patterns of relevant historical events in a particular geography or sector.
  • Generating objective, data-driven collateral to inform and educate clients on the risk monitoring and control.
  • Providing frequency and severity data inputs to actuarial models for Political Violence, Terrorism, Strikes Riots & Civil Commotion (SRCC), War and Political Risk.

National security

  • Dynamic, daily and granular data on changes in the political and security environment in every country and territory in the world, filling in knowledge gaps and improving analytical efficiency.
  • Informing analytical knowledge bases of the behavior and relationships of key state and non-stage political and security actors and issues.

Supply chain

  • Global risk monitoring of incidents which may lead to supply chain disruption due to terrorism, civil unrest, crime or war.
  • Deep dive assessments of new suppliers and territories to better understand associated risks, ranging from emergent unrest near critical logistics routes, through to ESG red flags for specific suppliers.

Corporate security

  • Asset-specific threat and risk monitoring, surfacing incidents and indicators of changing risk environments to facilities or projects, supporting management conversations with local teams on appropriate security planning.
  • Informing strategic intelligence assessments on the longer-term trajectory of risk in a territory as part of country entry/exit and investment decisions.


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Lilit Gevorgyan

Lilit's responsible for analyzing the macroeconomic, political, security, and business environment of Russia and the former Soviet republics

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Steven Frable

Steven prepares written analyses and quarterly forecasts for several states, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, and Orego

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Deni Koenhemsi

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Jim Diffley

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Karen Campbell

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