Return-to-Market Commercial Vehicle Predictor

Identify which businesses are likely to be in the market for a new vehicle

Would you like to conduct more promotions per year with higher returns on the investment?
Do you need to know which businesses are loyal to a manufacturer versus those with mixed fleets?

IHS Automotive assists dealers and vehicle manufacturers competing in the commercial vehicle space to better target prospects that are most likely to be in the market for a new vehicle during a specific time period. Specifically developed to identify businesses with fleets of 1–250 units of gross vehicle weight (GVW) 1–8 vehicles, the Return-to-Market Commercial Vehicle Predictor enables dealers and vehicle manufacturers to:

  • Conduct more promotions per year with higher returns on the investment
  • Identify businesses that are loyal to a specific manufacturer and those that have mixed fleets
  • Develop more targeted programs
  • Zero in on specific geographic locations
  • Shorten the duration of programs in a specific geographic market
  • Assist dealers and OEMs in tactical sales efforts

Make your marketing dollars go further

Based on previous cyclical purchases, IHS Automotive Return-to-Market Commercial Vehicle Predictor indicates who is likely to purchase a new GVW 1-8 vehicle within a specific time period. These measured results return a rate higher than would normally be expected.

The Predictor provides:

Contact details
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Contact name (where available)
  • Vocation of the business
Total fleet size
  • Fleet composition by make and vehicle type
  • Age of oldest vehicle in the fleet
  • The last vehicle purchased new


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