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Regional Explorer: Economics, risk, and data analytics

Get detailed, actionable economic, risk, industry and demographic data, at the regional, state, and city level. Utilize our curated, comparable, and forward-looking regional data to efficiently identify, evaluate, and monitor risks and opportunities in local contexts.

Make successful business decisions around demand planning, site selection, market entry and asset management require a thorough understanding of the local economic context and outlook. Regional Explorer enables users to make operational and investment decisions at subnational levels, including regions, states and cities across the globe. Our end-to-end economics, risk, and industry solution enables faster decision making and precise analysis of local markets.

The service provides economic, risk, industry and demographic data and 15-year forecasts for up to 50 indicators across more than 12,000 cities and regions in more than 45 countries.

Our regional economic forecasts are based on official data published by national statistics agencies, state of the art statistical and machine learning models as well as expert inputs. Our team of 150 full time economists as well as our best-in-class Global Link Model feed the regional economic forecasts and ensure internal and external consistency. All forecasts are fully calibrated with our national-level data and are rigorously backtested.  The data can be accessed via API and Data Browser. 

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Regional Explorer economics and data analytics enables

Demand planning

Need to measure customer demand for products while avoiding supply chain disruptions?

We provide regional economic data to enable granular market segmentation based on demographic data and accurate nowcasting and forecasting of sectoral economic activity.

Market entry

Need to benchmark locations to identify and compare global business growth opportunities, measure industry performance, and quantify market risk?

We provide subnational, city-level data on labor force, levels of economic activity by sector and business risks allowing you to evaluate and compare locations and identify the size of high-potential markets.

Investment decisions

Need to understand how to best manage portfolios, compare risks and potential return across locations and identify the investment options as low risk or high risk?

We provide macroeconomic nowcasting and forecasting with big data of economic activity by sector to evaluate location-based investment decisions.

Local planning

Need to plan for future land use, transport, and development priorities or forecast local tax revenues?

We provide data on GDP and population by country as well as demographic and economic trends that allow local governments to plan. Nowcasts and forecasts of economic activity can be used to estimate tax revenues by sector.

Site selection

Need to understand risks and opportunities around establishing new facilities, stores, or distribution centers?

We provide subnational, city-level data on labor force, economic activity by sector and business risks. This allows clients to evaluate and compare locations.

Real estate forecasting

Need to assess market size and local real estate demand? 

We provide regional forecasts for gross value added of the real estate and construction sectors and combine it with our extensive dataset on construction activity for 20 structure types.



  • 48 countries and 12,000+ cities and regions
    • 37 in Europe
    • 5 Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico)
    • 3 APAC (Australia, Japan, South Korea)
    • 2 North America (US, Canada)
    • 1 Africa (South Africa)


  • Basic concepts 
    • GDP and population
  • Key concepts 
    • Gross value added by industry
    • Employment data
    • Unemployment data
    • Personal income data
    • Operational and security risk data
      • Civil unrest risk
      • Crime risk
      • Terrorism risk
      • War risk


  • Series available between 1990 and 2035 at annual frequency.
  • Monthly updates based on most recent forecasts by economists and publication of new data by national statistics agencies.

Connect with an expert

Juan Turcios

Juan is a member of the technical team responsible for producing model output for the Federal Reserve's Supervisory Scenarios and BHC Idiosy

View Profile

Andrew Birch

He is responsible for providing economic and risk analyses for several emerging market countries - Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Ky

View Profile

Steven Frable

Steven prepares written analyses and quarterly forecasts for several states, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, and Orego

View Profile

Lilit Gevorgyan

Lilit's responsible for analyzing the macroeconomic, political, security, and business environment of Russia and the former Soviet republics

View Profile

Alexia Ash

Ms. Ash is a quantification expert within the country risk team. She is experienced at using methods including risk indexing, stochastic pro

View Profile

Kathleen Navin

Kathleen joined IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global) through the 2017 acquisition of Macroeconomic Advisers, where she joined June 2010. Her

View Profile

Karen Campbell

Karen brings expertise in scenario analysis and strategic decision making particularly for building economic resilience. She also has extens

View Profile

Dijedon Imeri

Dijedon is responsible for covering political, security and business developments in Italy, the Western Balkans and Scandinavia, as well as

View Profile

Emily Crowley

An expert in North American labor markets and a specialist in labor supply, demand and wage escalation, Emily is a key contributor to the se

View Profile

Nathalie Wlodarczyk

Dr. Nathalie's team is responsible for developing and delivering forward-looking geopolitical, industry and economic insight, data and advis

View Profile

Joseph Hayes

Joseph works on the Economic Indices team, who develop and maintain a suite of global macroeconomic indicators which include the PMI surveys

View Profile

Mohsen Bonakdarpour

Mohsen is Executive Director of consulting in S&P Global Market Intelligence, working on macroeconomic and industry economics since 1986. He

View Profile

Jim Diffley

Formerly chief economist of S&P Global US Regional Services Group, he was responsible for the Regional Core Macroeconomic Service and the Gl

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