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Solar PV Module

Identify near and long-term opportunities across the PV module supply chain.

Gain a competitive edge with detailed analysis and tracking of global PV module supply, demand, prices, capacity, equipment spending, suppliers, technology roadmaps, and much more.

With IHS Markit’s solar PV module coverage (part of the Global Clean Energy Technology service), you receive four core market trackers providing comprehensive analysis of supply and demand for polysilicon, wafers, cells and modules, along with data on PV installations, suppliers, and manufacturing/equipment spending.

The trackers include annual and quarterly data with detailed historical data and forecasts. Reports and market briefs provide additional coverage of hot topics, such as China’s PV market and shingled, bifacial and half-cell advanced technologies. As part of the Intelligence Service, direct access to analyst insights and exclusive assistance ensures you keep up with the latest market news and developments.

Key coverage:

  • Industry-leading data and forecasts for PV module supply and demand
  • Polysilicon, water, cell and module market dynamics and quarterly updates
  • Cost and price outlooks

Our solar PV coverage is available as part of the Global Clean Energy Technology service.

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What’s Included

Databases and Market Trackers

Four core market trackers, include MW shipments and production, revenues, units, ASPs and market shares:

  • PV Module Supply Chain Tracker – Combines analysis of the markets for polysilicon, solar wafers, PV cells and modules, with forecasts for PV installations, assessing the balance between supply and demand, and the impact on pricing and margins throughout the supply chain. (5-Year Forecast).
  • PV Installations Tracker – Quarterly updates with detailed tracking/forecasting of installations in all key PV markets, including annual and quarterly data by installation and system type. (5-Year Forecast)
  • PV Suppliers Tracker – Detailed data on the performance of leading companies in the PV module supply chain and detailed data on capacity, production, utilization and shipments for polysilicon, wafer, cell and module suppliers
  • PV Manufacturing & Equipment Spending Tracker – This bi-annual report tracks production, capacity and equipment spending on wafers, cells and modules, supply chain tool demand, technology roadmap adoption rates and more. Also provides quarterly data on market shares for cell types and production tools.
  • PV Systems Price Tracker - This biannual report contains the PV System Prices and Revenues by region, market, and segment. The report aims to show the full system price (or CAPEX) for the investor in the system as it is completed. The total system price therefore includes margins of the suppliers to the system, as well as development costs.

Strategic reports are published regularly, providing a deep-dive into hot topics and key market segments. Recently published reports include:

  • PV Market Trend Survey - China
    This monthly check on the Chinese PV market relies upon real shipment and installation data collected from suppliers and installers in the world’s largest PV market. The survey provides customers with an accurate check on its short- and medium-term development.
  • PV Module Advanced Technologies Report
    Analyses the current situation and future outlook of advanced PV module technologies such as Half-Cell, Shingle and Bifacial, which have been successfully ramped up to mass production levels. It provides historical data from 2018 and forecast data per technology type for the 2019–2024 period.
  • PV Module Material Reports
    This series of reports provides a detailed analysis of the market and technologies for PV module materials (solar glass, aluminum frames, backsheets, and encapsulants). It identifies the main regional markets, describes the competitive landscape, and provides a detailed price analysis. (5-Year Forecast)
  • Perovskite Technology Report
    This report discusses the current status of perovskite cell technology development (costs, efficiencies, applications) as well as its potential and challenges to become a mainstream technology in the next years.
Market Insights

Frequent analyst commentary on product launches, market news and analysis

Access to Industry Analysts

Customers receive direct access to our subject matter experts/industry analysts to discuss the latest market trends, clarify any data and answer questions.


Josefin Berg

Her focus areas include developer and EPC strategies, the demand for PV in emerging markets and the role of PV in the power generation mix. With more than 10 years of experience in the solar power industry, Ms. Berg authors reports on PV markets and trends, and she regularly speaks at industry events. Prior to joining IHS Markit, she was an R&D strategy consultant in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies. Ms. Berg holds a Master of Science in environmental engineering from Uppsala University, Sweden. She speaks English, French, Spanish and Swedish and is based in Barcelona, Spain.

View Profile

Edurne Zoco, Ph.D.

Dr. Zoco provides experience, analysis, and actionable insight to our customers on the solar PV supply chain and the development of global demand for PV and its role in the wider energy transition. She contributes to a broad range of deliverables across the research team, including both subscription products and custom research and consulting projects. Dr. Zoco has been involved in the solar industry for over a decade and has presented at leading industry events and conferences since 2007. Prior to joining IHS Markit, she was employed by Trina Solar, a leading PV manufacturer where she held global positions within corporate and strategic marketing. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame, United States. She speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

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Cormac Gilligan

Mr. Gilligan is responsible for managing the research of the global PV inverter and Balance Of System (BOS) markets, regularly publishing research reports on these topics, and supporting many of the leading suppliers via custom research and consulting engagements. He supports detailed coverage of the energy storage industry, carrying out research and authoring reports on the quickly growing market for storage inverters. Mr. Gilligan is widely regarded as a leading authority on the global PV inverter market, analysis and commentary is regularly published by leading PV industry media and the global press. He has presented at many leading industry events and conferences. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Mr. Gilligan worked as a civil engineer developing rail and metro projects across capital cities throughout Europe. Mr. Gilligan graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in engineering and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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