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Determine demand, place aggregate orders, and distribute allocations on new issues - Primary Indication Management (PIM)

Our solution streamlines buy-side firm workflow, increases efficiency and reduces operational risk as part of our buy-side suite of solutions.

Our buy-side suite of solutions consist of multiple solutions that connect seamlessly and integrates with each other to optimize the entire new issue workflow for the buy-side community. Primary Indication Management (PIM) is one of those solutions. PIM streamlines the workflow within a buy-side firm to increase efficiency and reduce operational risk. It is suitable for Portfolio Managers and Traders looking for a solution for determining new issue demands for partial allocation distribution across funds.

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Primary Indication Management is a workflow tool designed for Portfolio Managers and Traders to determine demand for new issues and distribute partial allocations across funds.

A component of our buy-side platform for primary issue
Multiple solutions work together to optimize the new issue process for the buy-side community. One of those solutions is Primary Indication Management, intended to streamline the workflow within a buy-side firm to increase efficiency and reduce operational risk.

Primary Indication Management (PIM) integrates seamlessly with our buy-side suite of solutions, which include DealMonitor, InvestorAccess, DealServices API, FIX connectivity, and ComplianceWorkstation.

Timely and systematic information delivery
Primary Indication Management gives you the ability to collaborate on new issuance across your firm and coordinate deal announcement distribution and aggregated indication of interest.

Portfolio Managers have access to real-time new issuance information and can place internal orders, including limits, at a sub-account level to be sent to the trading desk.

The Trader will see internal demand build in real-time while addressing multiple limits and can indicate an aggregate order to the syndicate banks.

As deal terms change and internal orders are adjusted, our Aggregation Worksheet makes it easy for a Trader to clearly understand internal demand and reconcile this with what has been reflected to syndicate – allowing the trader to determine when action is necessary.

Aggregation Worksheet allows traders to take necessary action with clear and easy to understand demand data
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Allocations will be communicated to the Trader at an aggregate level for the firm in InvestorAccess. The Trader will pass allocations into Primary Indication Management where they can be allocated to the Portfolio Manager or sub-account. The Portfolio Manager will be able to see their allocations in the Primary Indication Management module when it is released by the Trader.

A Final Trade Report is available for each deal or range of deals which can be shown and exported at a Firm or sub-account level.

All information related to deal terms, book states and internal actions (such as order placement, modification, etc.) are captured in a comprehensive audit trail and preserved after the deal is complete.

Connectivity to existing systems
Workflows and data can be integrated into legacy third-party or in-house systems using industry standard protocols.

Integrate with the full buy-side suite
Our order workflow is designed to integrate and connect seamlessly with other components of our buy-side suite of solutions, which include DealMonitor, InvestorAccess, DealServices API, FIX connectivity, and ComplianceWorkstation.

Products and Solutions

  • IssueNet

    A unique network of member banks linked by web-based technology that synchronizes deal and order book information between syndicate desks.

  • IssueLaunch

    Our deal terms communication tool ensures that banks and all other parties involved can work together in real time to set up deals and communicate the terms to sales, other banks, and investors in an organized, compliant format.
  • IssueBook

    From origination through marketing to book build, allocation, and settlement: IssueBook streamlines and centralizes book building for the fixed income new issuance process.
  • Japanese Dashboard 2.0

    Centralized, auditable platform for Japanese retention transactions, enabling smooth execution of deal communication.

    Japanese Version

  • InvestorAccess / Buyside Services

    Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via their OMS provider.
  • DealMonitor

    A web portal for buyside investors to view, interact, order, and receive allocations with new issues available in the market.
  • Primary Indication Management (PIM)

    Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via DealMonitor.
  • DealServices API

    Consume deal data internally
  • FIX Connectivity

    Order placement via FIX for OMS, EMS, & Proprietary Built Systems
  • ComplianceWorkstation / Audit feed

    Monitoring of primary market activity conducted by traders and portfolio managers.
  • IssuerView

    Direct access for the issuing party of a new transaction, showing a live view of the demand for their offering. (Coming Q1 2021)


Nick Hall

Mr. Hall has over 20 years of Financial Services experience, including the last 18 years in the Fixed Income Primary Market. He has a deep knowledge of the primary process and has implemented complex technological solutions, which have transformed the way deals are run in EMEA, APAC and the US.Mr. Hall currently manages the Fixed Income product suite for IHS Markit, which is used by banks, issuers and investors to reduce risk and increase efficiency during the primary issuance process. Last year, the platform supported over $4.3 trillion of new issuance.

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Chris Sztam

With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Sztam is a senior Financial Services Executive specializing in regulatory change initiatives, business model transformation, merger integration and managing large complex teams and projects. He has held senior leadership positions across capital markets, trading, research and operations and strategic planning with firms including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Booz Allen Hamilton.Mr. Sztam holds a Bachelor of Science summa cum laude from Fairleigh Dickinson University and an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, United States. He has held Series 7, 63, 55 and 24 licenses.

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