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Pricing & Purchasing for the Food, Beverage, Consumer & Retail Industries

Negotiate and buy strategically with the right market insights.

What if the price you paid could have been even lower?

Whether you produce or distribute food, beverage, consumer or retail products, IHS Markit Pricing & Purchasing can help you cut procurement costs. For more than 40 years, our team has assisted the purchasing community with critical cost and price models, expert insight and proven forecasts for global markets and the key factors that drive them. Leverage our price forecasts for insight regarding your main input costs, including agricultural commodities, plastics, materials, wages and overhead – covering more than 1,500 concepts across 60 geographies.

Procurement officers, contracting professionals, and cost estimators leverage this service to:

  • Obtain more accurate price estimates than broad inflation rates or historical trends
  • Evaluate costs of production and supplier margins to negotiate smarter
  • Monitor prices and pinpoint the best times to make key purchases
  • Negotiate contract escalation clauses
  • Benchmark purchasing performance
  • Prepare budgets and financial reviews based on accurate data

Global food manufacturer Cargill achieves millions in cost savings with a superior sourcing strategy.

Areas of Expertise

Global Sourcing

To compete globally, suppliers must compare prices and wages across countries and regions.

IHS global forecast coverage evaluates the total cost of investment around the world.

Purchase Timing and Negotiation

In today’s extremely volatile market, knowing when to buy is a decision fraught with risk. Prices often reflect double-digit percent changes from quarter to quarter, complicating purchase decisions. To build up their own margins, sellers pass along price increases in excess of their cost escalations.

To help you achieve significant savings, IHS can customize your buying strategies using our accurate and dependable forecasts.

Contracts and Price Benchmarking

Negotiations can break down when both parties disagree over the price to follow. One-sided sources can offer a disadvantage when establishing transparent price contracts.

As a third-party source, IHS supports the OEM-supplier relationship by providing transparent, accurate numbers and ensuring both sides use matching concepts in their internal projections.

Purchase Performance Measurement

Many companies deal in materials with no clear market price or in markets with few suppliers. Without a transparent benchmark price, it is difficult to measure and improve one’s purchasing performance.

IHS illuminates obscure markets by measuring prices and escalation rates industry-wide, so you can clearly compare your spend to that of your peers.

Budget Planning

Assembling cost projections for each category spend element requires up-to-date, detailed intelligence. Using last year’s escalation rate can be a mistake in volatile markets, and broad measures such as the Consumer Price Index fail to capture the individual components that comprise category spend.

IHS offers comprehensive forecast coverage that removes the headache from budget planning and accounts for your entire spend.

What's Included

Industry Analysis

Weekly Pricing Pulse – A snapshot of headline price indexes and historic price movements for key industrial materials indexes

Monthly Commodity Price Watch – Latest price pressures and factors driving key costs – energy, chemicals, and metals prices, including:

  • PowerPoint market trend analysis
  • Spreadsheet tables – Downloadable to Excel

Market Insights – Regular analysis of the pricing environment by sector and region, includes:

  • Segmented reviews of prices, supply and demand by industry and geography
  • Sourcing guidance on timing major commodity buys
  • Dynamic tables outlining market conditions – economic outlooks as well as market drivers
  • Analyst access to discuss latest market dynamics and price implications
Cost Analyzer

The Cost Analyzer – An online tool for performing customized cost analysis for a single buy or for your entire supply chain. With access to thousands of global prices and wages, you can:

  • Analyze specific material buys
  • Build composite cost indexes
  • Perform margin analysis on supplier industries
  • Check the competitiveness of a supplier's price
  • Create and save customized business-unit or product-line reports, automatically updated with each new forecast
IHS Connect™

Discover the power of CONNECT:

  • Customize the landing page to display relevant market reports, saved items and the most recent industry analysis
  • Easily navigate market reports, industry analysis, and publications to find the insights you need quickly
  • Leverage Cost Analyzer to search, select, and manipulate data across forecast and historical price series, production cost models and alloy cost models
  • Review the latest prices in our Material Price Table
  • Access in one click your saved workbooks, dashboards and charts
  • Enhance analysis through improved search, dynamic charting, easily accessible data
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