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World Markets Pricing and Reimbursement

Optimize your global pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access strategy.

World Markets Pricing & Reimbursement (WMPR) is a comprehensive analytical toolkit to understand the ever-shifting global market access and Pricing & Reimbursement (P&R) landscape. Includes daily analysis, special reports, country profiles, detailed P&R data, as well as our International Reference Pricing (IRP) matrix, risk-sharing database and market access risk scores. Combine WMPR with our pharmaceutical and prescription drug price database, POLI, to get a complete picture of the future of pharma pricing and set your optimal strategy.

WMPR enables you to:

  • Understand key P&R drivers within and across countries
  • Understand the impact of key themes such as International Reference Pricing (IRP)
  • Anticipate price and reimbursement impact of regulatory changes
  • Compare P&R risks and costs across countries
  • Monitor HTA evaluations of competitor products around the world
  • Understand evolving P&R requirements (clinical trial design, comparators, endpoints, cost and more)

What’s Included


Global P&R policy changes, product-level P&R events, public and private health insurance reform and evolving HTA requirements

Special Reports (monthly)
In-depth analysis of key P&R trends across major pharmaceutical markets

Country Profiles
In-depth profiles for 45 countries, covering these topics:

  • Process for getting products reimbursed and priced
  • Overview of the pharmaceutical market's P&R structure and institutions
  • Specific cost containment analysis
  • Flow charts and policy comparisons
  • Policy change outlook
  • Quarterly update cycles

International Reference Pricing (IRP) Matrix
Online tool to quickly compare 63 countries that use each other for referencing pricing plus a quarterly IRP bulletin of changes to IRP mechanisms around the world

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Pricing and Reimbursement Policy Database
Interactive database of the top 15 cost-containment policies across 45 countries, including:

  • International reference pricing
  • Price cuts
  • Co-payments
  • HTA/Pharmaco-economic requirements
  • Generics substitution

Risk-sharing Agreement Database
Track, compare and analyze risk-sharing agreements – both performance and financially-based – around the world.

Market Access Risk Scores (MARS)
Leveraging our proven country risk methodologies to provide risk specific to market access. Includes a quarterly Market Access Risk PPT on key changes to risk.

Includes measures of:

  • Quantitative risk
  • Qualitative risk
  • Measures of stability
  • Event risk

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Delivery Options

Maximize your subscription content with IHS Markit Connect – our online customer platform. Connect is a one-stop solution for data searching and discovery, charting, downloading and saving for future use.

  • Explore market access risk via interactive heat maps and interactive tables
  • Understand P&R trends instantly with pricing indicators, visualized with dynamic charts
  • Save, reconfigure and export charts
  • Get a global P&R overview on the homepage
  • See all content and data for individual markets with country pages
  • Find and filter content
  • Generate your regular pdf and Word deliverables using Report Builder
  • Set up your preferred geographic regions
  • Precisely tailor email alerts
  • Data feed of IRP data into IRP simulation tools

Our API delivers data continuously and reliably directly into your workflow.

  • Representational State Transfer Application Programming (REST) API makes data available via URL addresses (or ‘endpoints’)
  • Provides a foundation on which to build databases, charts, websites, visualizations and CSV files, plus facilities to query and lookup specific data
  • Offers the simplest approach to application integration:
    • Access to the API is instantaneous
    • Provides an interactive web environment for developers to explore API features and review technical documentation
    • Developers can test the API calls interactively in a browser
  • 24/7 monitoring and support is provided
  • Scales horizontally for both datasets and clients, ensuring it can meet present and future demand
  • Built for consistent speed, with carefully selected technologies to ensure the best possible performance

IDDS offers tailored data feeds featuring continuous updating and seamless delivery.

  • Internet Data Delivery System (IDDS) delivers fixed data updates in CSV or XML format to the IHS Markit web servers in real time
  • Metadata includes economic concept, geography, source and frequency
  • Updates pull in data changes only, optimizing load speed
  • Data updates can be scheduled

Solve Your Business Challenge

Challenge Solution Box
How can I assess the pricing and reimbursement landscape in a new target country? Review Country Profiles to get a clear, detailed view of a country’s pricing, including P&R, funding sources, regulatory and policy outlook, as well as our consolidated Market Access Risk Score (MARS) system.
How do I keep pace with P&R changes around the world, and what they mean for me? Get Daily Analysis on likely price shifts due to regulation, and view Country Reports for the latest P&R changes.
How can I find out when prices are re-evaluated in reference countries through international reference pricing? Use the International Reference Pricing (IRP) Matrix, Country Profiles and Daily Analysis to get real-time international price reference updates.
I need to identify reference countries and understand what my level of exposure to IRP risk is? Leverage the International Reference Pricing (IRP) Matrix to easily identify reference and referrer nations as well as the detailed IRP rules.
I struggle to get consistent information across markets. Rely on Country Profiles for consistent cross-country market analysis.
I need to understand how to design our clinical trial to secure market access around the world. Use our Daily Analysis to understand evolving requirements, and our Country Reports to understand existing standards.

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