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xEV Sales Scenario & Compliance

Insights to navigate complex and continually evolving powertrain and compliance targets

What is your strategy for achieving CO2 compliance? What electrification or fuel types have the greatest growth potential? How will the state of individual market’s charging infrastructures and legislative policy effect powertrain sales?

IHS Markit provides automakers with cutting-edge forecasting solutions for the automotive industry. Our experts conduct customer-specific but unbiased sales / scenario forecasts which enable a more thorough market insight based on client´s segmentation. We can also help with the identification of relevant legislative drivers—e.g. stricter emission requirements, urban access regulations etc.— and assess their effect of sales volumes and model choice.

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Automotive Advisory Services from IHS Markit can provide tailored research and analysis to address your business challenges. Our sales-based powertrain scenarios solution includes:


The scope of this service covers a 360 degree review across market regulations, vehicle pricing and ownership costs, consumer acceptance, development of charging infrastructure, and electric powertrain technology that impact Powertrain sales.

This customized study, enables clients to understand market specific powertrain trends and OEM strategies. It details the path for the automotive industry towards a Zero-Emission future.


xEV Sales Scenario & Compliance Advisory Services

BEV Volume Assessment

Our solution provides Price & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis with a focus on battery electric vehicles (BEV).

  • Market price structure analysis
    Identification of market price structure to the model level for European, US & Chinese market
  • BEV price positioning
    Setting of estimated BEV pricing in comparison with competing ICE vehicles and competition of existing BEVs
  • TCO Calculation
    Calculation of TCO based on model-level and use-case scenarios to assess its potential impact on BEV attractiveness

Forecast and report structure and content

  • Detailed study of market compliance targets, taxation & incentives, city restrictions, and infrastructure investments
  • OEM strategies, product roadmaps, and technology adoption across segments
  • Market potential – country specific trends, regional output, and OEM & segment specific trends
  • Excel dataset which includes a 12 year market sales forecast based on the scenario environment along with powertrain details


Anoop Desai

Anoop Desai joined IHS Markit in February 2016 and is Global Service Lead for IHS Markit xEV Scenario projects. Based in Europe, he is frequently involved in building e-mobility scenario environments for global markets including vehicle pricing, cost of ownership and regulatory compliance norms. While he is actively engaged in expanding the scenario models, he also leads advisory opportunities and projects for India. Anoop is an automobile engineer by profession and an avid auto-enthusiast. Before joining IHS Markit, he worked in the domain of decision sciences, trained motorcycle service technicians, and interned with an automotive dealership in India. While at IHS Markit, during 2017, Anoop completed his Master of Science in Automotive Management.

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Boni Sa

Boni and the team in China act as the business planning partner for many OEMs including global OEMs, domestic carmakers, joint ventures and national sales companies in China. Boni and the team work together with the customer to analyze the market, forecast trends and planning for future growth. Recent focused areas include market forecast, powertrain compliance strategy, advanced vehicle technology planning, mobility service strategy, etc. Boni joined the advisory service team in 2015. Prior to that Boni was responsible for the Greater China Light Vehicle Production Forecasts for 6 years at IHS Markit.

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Shou Osako

Shou is responsible for all activities within the automotive advisory related to Japan and surrounding Asian markets other than China. Shou joined the advisory services group in 2007 following nearly four years as a component analyst. Recently he has focused on powertrain technology/CO2 compliance analysis and xEV volume forecast evaluating the client's product line-up in comparison with rival suppliers and OEMs in each targeted region/country/segment. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Shou worked for a trading company, auto division, as a sales representative in Japan for an American interior supplier. His responsibility was mainly focused on a major Japanese OEM business with various contact windows at Purchasing, Engineering, Design, Quality, Production Planning, Experiment, and Logistics. Shou holds a Bachelor of Arts in Language from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies in Japan and also studies Metropolitan Affairs at Wayne State University at Detroit, United States.

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