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Powersports & Recreation Solutions

When it comes to motorcycles, ATV/UTVs, and  recreational vehicles, IHS Markit can show you what’s  selling, who is likely to be in market, and what they are  likely to buy. IHS Markit offers you complete solutions  to help you analyze your market and communicate  effectively with your best customers and prospects. 
Analyze your market, then use our best-in-class audience solutions to communicate effectively with your strongest  conquest prospects; and finally, evaluate the buying performance of your campaigns and events. We provide the insight you need to power better decisions.

IHS Markit Powersports & Recreation Solutions will help you:

  • Understand your market and customers
  • Reach your most viable prospects
  • Evaluate the performance of your direct marketing efforts
Build your ideal list of powersport audiences See your choice of list selections to build your ideal audience.

Understand the lifetime path of the powersports buyer
Our flagship Motorcycle Migration Database provides valuable insight into all buyer types, from first time buyers  to multiple category, return to market owners. Migration helps you understand and map the enthusiast’s  ownership journey, from bike to bike, by category, segment and brand for both new and used purchases.
  • Motorcycle Migration Database: Leverage our  powerful motorcycle migration database including  over 60 million transactions from 1995 to current, for  all motorcycle categories. Better understand consumer  migration buying patterns between brands, categories,  segments, new and used, all with demographics.
  • Motorcycle Migration Dashboards: Powered by  the  Motorcycle Migration Database, these four intuitive, dynamic dashboards provide easy access to  summarized migration data to help you see previous  and post model purchases, summarized migration  paths by category and segment, new-to- sport buyers,  return-to-market buyers, demographic profiles and  ownership timing (time to market and return to  market), disposal rates, next purchase and much,  much more.
  • Motorcycle Loyalty Dashboards: Explore the  powersports market (all categories at US, State & DMA  level) including new-to-sport buyers, brand and model  loyalty measurement, and the incredibly insightful  conquest/defection view for return-to-market buyers,  at make and model level with filters for “Disposers”  and “Adders” to the garage. Includes five years of  history,  quarterly updates, and demographics.
Audience Solutions
Reach your best prospects
IHS Markit provides best-in-class list and database  services to help you deliver your message to the right  audience at the right time. Our unparalleled wealth of  data helps fuel the strongest, most effective campaigns  to ensure a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • OEM Recall Services: IHS Markit can perform recall  services by locating the current owner of VINs  supplied by the manufacturer. Enhanced and full-  service recall fulfillment also available.
  • Motorcycle Garage Predictor: Communicate  with best prospects by what motorcycle is likely  in your  prospect’s garage. Select from 14 brands, purchase type (new or used), most recent purchase  and category: On Hwy, Off Hwy, Scooter, ATV/UTV  and more. Postal, email and digital/social options  available.
  • In the Market for a Motorcycle: Communicate with  best prospects based on a household’s likelihood to  have a higher propensity to purchase a motorcycle  in the next 6 months. Postal, email and digital/social  options available.
  • Custom Motorcycle Garage , Purchase Predictor &  Conquest Models: We can build custom predictive  audiences to identify likely owners or in-the-market  buyers of specific motorcycle models or set of models.  Great  for conquest campaigns.
  • RV Predictor: Access targeted marketing lists of likely  RV owners. Target prospects based on motorized  (Class A, Class B and Class C RVs) and/or non-  motorized (camping trailers, travel trailers and fifth  wheels).
  • RV Purchase Predictor: Identify households that  have a higher propensity to purchase an RV. Target  these prospects based on motorized and/or non-  motorized.
  • Open State Boat Data: This timely data enables  manufacturers, dealers, aftermarket companies and  other boat related businesses to reach boat owners in  open states by a variety of selects including boat type  and length.
  • List Services: Qualify customer data and improve the  performance of your list including list hygiene and  data enhancement.
  • Demographic/Lifestyle Data: Demographic and  lifestyle data including age, income, gender, mail  responsiveness and special interests, just to name a  few. These demographic and ethnic characteristics  can be appended to your  customer list and you
    can select households for targeting based on these  characteristics.
Market Analysis
A thorough understand of your market, competitors  and customers
Market analysis is the key to a successful marketing  strategy. IHS Markit offers you a thorough understanding  of your market, your competition, and your customers  to help you optimize your budget and find your best  opportunities.
  • Monthly New Motorcycle Registrations: Monthly  reporting on over 75 brands, detail includes make,  model, year model, lienholder, selling dealer and  owner demographics.
  • Monthly Used Motorcycle Registrations: Monthly used  motorcycle registration data enable you to measure this  important and growing market and understand potential  for used motorcycle sales in your area.
  • Motorcycles-in-Operation: An annual snapshot of all  currently registered motorcycles in the United States;  including all categories: on highway, off-highway,  dual, ATV/UTV and scooter. MIO helps you better  understand your motorcycle or powersports market,  where to place dealers or distribution points, how to allocate advertising budget, build stocking guides  or improve overall efficiency of parts and service  operations.
  • Recreational Vehicles in Operation (RVIO™): Access  our annual snapshot of all registered recreational  vehicles (motorized and non-motorized) on the road  today. Details include make, model and year model  mix of the total units in operation.
  • OEM Vehicle Owner Verification (VOV): This industry  best practice identifies customers on your CRM who  no longer own your product (motorcycle or RV), so you can make more informed decisions about  marketing spend for sales and service.
  • Dealer Network Development: Match your dealer  network to consumer behavior and demand.
  • Optimizing your network: Number,  size,  location and product/service mix.
Campaign Measurement & Evaluation
On-line Sales Match (OSM) tool
Do you have a full picture of your campaign audience  buyers? This industry best practice provides access  to conversation rates for audience campaigns, events  or other lead programs for your new & used brand purchases as well as competitive new and used buyers,  for a full six months.


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