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Patents & Applications

Uncover competitive intelligence and technology insights hidden in patents and patent applications

What if your engineers could spot industry trends and new markets faster than your competitors?

What if you had a patent research tool built specifically for engineers and technical researchers?

Engineers, product managers, and other innovators use the Patent Solutions by IHS Markit to access, search and draw insights from a rich collection of more than 60 million patents and patent applications. These unique solutions allow users to discover solutions to technical challenges, understand new markets, spot influential trends, companies and people, and stay on top of technology trends. Using the IHS Markit solutions, engineers are able to position their organizations for successful entry into new markets, set new trends, or drive product and process improvements.

The Patent Solutions by IHS Markit include the Patent Collection, a unique library of 60+ million patents and patent applications from key global markets, published in the original languages, with full-text searchability and dynamic summaries available in multiple languages. The Patent Intelligence module provides a graphical toolset that allows users to perform a range of analyses on that same set of more than 60 million patents and applications. Patent Intelligence is designed specifically with the technical professional in mind, with tools intended to drive product and process innovation.

Subscribe today to let your engineers and researchers answer such questions as:

  • Is there an existing solution to the problem I am currently working on? If so, who came up with it?
  • Can my invention go to market without infringing on existing intellectual property?
  • Who are my competitors and where are they focusing their R&D investments?
  • How has technology "X" evolved over the past decade?

Explore the content and capabilities in the Patent Solutions by IHS Markit

The powerful yet easy-to-use Patent Solutions by IHS Markit accelerate research and innovation by combining access to over 30 years of worldwide patent data with a set of specialized analytical tools created with engineers and technical researchers in mind.

Worldwide Patent Library

Published in the original languages, with all dynamic summaries available in multiple languages, patents covered in the Patent Collection and Patent Intelligence include:

  • U.S. Granted Patents (USPTO): 1971–current
  • U.S. Patent Applications (USPTO): 2001–current
  • European Granted Patents (EPO): 1981–current
  • European Patent Applications (EPO): 1988–current
  • Great Britain Granted Patents: 1970–current
  • Great Britain Patent Applications: 1979–current
  • German Granted Patents: 1980–current
  • German Patent Applications: 1970–current
  • German Gebrauchsmusters (Utility Model): 1980–current
  • French Granted Patents: 1985–current
  • French Patent Applications: 1976–current
  • Japanese Patent Abstracts (JPO): 1976–current
  • Japanese Patent Applications: 1993–current
  • Japanese Granted Patents: 1994-current
  • Chinese Granted Patents
  • Chinese Granted Patents for Utility Models
  • Chinese Patent Applications
  • Chinese Utility Model Applications
  • WIPO PCT Publications (WIPO): 1978–current
Personalization Features

Powerful personalization features available to users of Patent Intelligence include:

  • Saved Searches and Alerts – Users can save queries for later use or schedule specified queries to run periodically and send an alert to a user-specified email about new results. Saved queries can also be saved to the user's Home Page for convenient access, or linked to a project saved in the user's personalized workspace
  • My Workspaces – Provides a place for users to save, organize and share their research related to a project or topic of interest. For example, users can store bookmarks, citations and summaries related to a project and this information will be represented by various "cards" in the workspace, allowing for easy access to frequently used information

Together, these features allow users to tune their working environment to best suit their current project requirements or research needs.

Patent Intelligence Capabilities

The Patent Intelligence add-on module leverages the IHS Markit Patent Collection of 60 million patents and applications, and also provides a collection of analytical tools that can extract valuable intelligence from patent bibliographic data. The application leverages semantic analysis and metadata from the patents to assist users in spotting influential trends, companies and inventors.

Search Patents – The Patent Search tool allows a user to search for a specific patent, based on a variety of criteria (patent number, title, assignee, abstract, etc.). This is useful, for example, when a user knows the document required or would like to identify patents assigned to a given company or a particular inventor.

Semantically generated summaries of patents are provided in any of the supported languages (currently, English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese), regardless of the language of the original document. This is useful for determining quickly and easily whether a given patent is applicable to a user's research and therefore requires further investigation. Of course, the full-text patent itself can also be viewed in the original language, either in a text-based HTML document or as a PDF document.

Analyze Technology – The Technology Analysis tool maps semantically relevant discussions of a technology against one or more patent content sources. Analysis results include:

  • Patent activity for up to 5 assignees (or groups)
  • Bibliographic data
  • Assignee List
  • Blended inventor list
  • Patent class distribution
  • Top 5 assignees, inventors and patent classes

The tool presents users with a view of patent activity related to a particular technology over time, allowing them to understand, for example, where the technology is in its lifecycle. That information could be useful in evaluating whether a company should make investments in research into a technology or direct investment elsewhere. Leading inventors can also be identified, making it possible to ascertain key researchers around a given technology area.

Analyze Companies – The Company Analysis tool generates a specific innovation profile for one assignee or a group of assignees. The analysis includes:

  • Patent Activity Chart
  • Inventor Lists
  • Bibliographic data
  • Class distribution

The resulting chart and listing data can help identify:

  • Core Technologies
  • Key Inventors
  • Trends within specific technologies
  • Citation anomalies

Users can view a company's overall patent activities or activities related to specific technologies or compare the activities of multiple companies to understand competitive trends relative to a particular technology over time. This could be useful for understanding the extent to which different companies are investing in research related to a technology.

Analyze Patent References – The Patent References Analysis tool lets a user view citations of a patent by other patents (as well as by/from patent applications), in addition to mapping out the assignees/companies attached to forward and backward references. Backward references provide a map to the "pedigree" of a patent – the history of the technologies or innovations incorporated into the patent. Forward citations are often very useful in determining potential innovation barriers, competitors, or licensing opportunities. "Young" patent documents with relatively high forward citation counts are particularly useful to discover and investigate for technology trends, owners and valuation.

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