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OPE$T - OPEX Planning and Performance Optimization Tool

Manage operating costs with transparency across the entire lifecycle of your assets

How effective are your current OPEX planning tools for dealing with tight operating margins and controlled pricing structures?

Leverage the OPE$T™ software tool for optimizing costs and boosting performance during any project phase. The solution is scalable to any size project, from small, single investments to vast regional portfolios. Because no decision is small, it factors in the impact of any choice across an asset’s entire life cycle. By combing this whole life-cycle cost method with activity-based costing and asset-based analysis into one process, users can capture CAPEX/OPEX costs and production/consumption into an actionable, customized model. Asset managers, cost planners and operations engineers use OPE$T to:

  • Forecast OPEX across the life cycle for better investment decisions
  • Facilitate business decisions by simulating their cost effects
  • Challenge current assumptions for continuous improvements
  • Understand CAPEX-OPEX tradeoffs
  • Produce a live cost-benefit analysis model
  • Improve budgeting and enable internal benchmarking
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Asset Business Planning (ABP)

OPE$T associates all costs directly to the asset and not to a functional discipline, so you can:

  • Create a dynamic asset model that measures the effect of change
  • Search for economic performance improvements through changing operating practices or increasing production volumes
Activity-Based Costing

OPE$T allocates costs at the level of asset activity, enabling you to:

  • See costs at the lowest or highest level of the system
  • Analyze the direct impact of an activity on one or more assets
  • Apply generic cost allocation to assets
  • Simplify or detail the model’s structure
Data Assimilation

OPE$T’s flexible data handling allows you to:

  • Streamline the data collection process
  • Populate generic activity databases
  • Quickly access and compare historical and current information
  • Link to corporate databases
  • Utilize multiple reporting formats and structures
Generic Applications

Use OPE$T to analyze:

  • Product cost management studies
  • De-manning and other operational studies
  • Maintenance strategy changes
  • Capital investments (e.g. CAPEX/OPEX tradeoffs)
  • Facility enhancements
  • Sensitivity analysis for multiple scenarios of costs, oil prices and other factors

Consultancy Services

Services are available to help you:

  • Assemble and integrate costs into a coherent structure for each asset
  • Maintain live asset models
  • Analyze and interpret results
  • Perform economic analyses of any changes
  • Provide IHS Markit expert basic and advanced training

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