Online Shopper Insight

Understand and connect with in-market shoppers before they buy with Online Shopper Insight

IHS Automotive creates unparalleled shopping behavior profiles and analytics pre- and post-purchase, allowing manufacturers and their agencies to connect with in-market shoppers before they buy. With less than 5% of automotive website visitors raising their hand, a brand doesn’t receive much insight about who their shoppers are and what vehicles they are buying. Through our solution, we can combine offline automotive data with online shopping behavior data to help identify the remaining percentage of your site visitors who do not raise their hand, and associate them to a household with their respective shopping behavior.

By implementing a simple script across your dealer or network sites (OEM, Tier 2 & 3), shopping behavior is tracked and analyzed, giving insight into:

  • Who is actively shopping your vehicles
  • How long they’ve been shopping
  • How close they are to making a purchase
  • If they are loyal to your brand or the competition
  • If they purchased your brand or if the sale was lost to the competition

This powerful insight creates the foundation of our two core offerings: Audience Activation and Analytics & Measurement.

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Online Shopper Insight Details

Audience Activation

When you know your audience, you can craft the most effective message possible, geared towards individual shoppers' preference and where they are in the shopping cycle. Online Shopper Insight informs you of:

  • When your owners are shopping again
  • Leads who are still shopping or have stopped
  • Third-party leads and handraisers shopping your vehicles

Directly engage shoppers with whom you have a previously established relationship, through the channel of your choice: email, direct mail, SMS, and phone calls.  Using the shopping behavior data Online Shopper Insight provides, fine tune your messaging based on activity and preference, advancing shoppers to purchase. 

Your audiences are exclusively made available to you and your approved networks for targeting and engagement.

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Analytics & Measurements
Online Shopper Insight goes beyond traditional website performance reporting to give you unique insight into in-market shopping behavior at any point and help you understand how you’re driving change over time. 
By analyzing the shopping profile and online activity of each consumer actively shopping your website, you will understand:

  • Shopper segmentation: new vs used, purchase history, time to purchase
  • Shopper loyalty and defection, by vehicle
  • Shopping behavior by geography, OEM-defined areas
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