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IHS VirtuWell

Configure and operate wellbores efficiently from sandface to surface

Are your wellbores designed for optimal flow?

VirtuWell nodal analysis software allows you to optimize wellbore performance for single and multiphase flow with various flow paths over time. The analysis tools allow users to assess tubing performance, estimate initial deliverability using advanced forecasting or simple back pressure relationships, identify liquid loading, and evaluate the effects of coiled tubing or the response to compression. Various operating scenarios can be modeled and compared to determine the most effective strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Create multiple wellhead forecast scenarios
  • Investigate the reserve depletion process and identify uplift potential
  • Assess impact of wellbore configuration changes on deliverability
  • Evaluate solutions for well performance
  • Avoid fallback and loadup in gas wells
  • Predict need for artificial lift



Model complex well completions:

  • Create schematics for different well geometries
  • Consider tapered tubing and/or casing completions
  • Include single or multiple perforations
  • Access database of standard casing, tubing, coiled tubing and drill pipe sizes
  • Perform single or multiphase flow (gas, oil and/or water) calculations through tubing, annulus, or casing
  • Access static or production conditions

Assess well deliverability and identify liquid loading:

  • Use various sources to generate past, current and future IPR curves
  • Create TPC curves for different scenarios: tubing size change; coiled tubing/velocity strings use; alternative flow paths; artificial lift/compression
  • Identify and evaluate conditions: liquid loading, erosion, soaping agent use

Advance Forecasting
Create multiple wellhead forecast scenarios, including future wellbore configurations within the IHS Markit Harmony interface based on RTA analytical models. View the IPR for any forecast scenario at any point in time. Investigate how the reservoir is depleting and identify any uplift potential.

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