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Drive faster log research and play execution through cost-effective tools.

How do you access cross-sections to make better geological decisions for your area of interest?

AccuLogs™ from IHS Markit is a software program that allows users to access raster and digital logs from both AccuMap™ and the Information Hub™.  In AccuLogs, you can easily view over 2.5 million depth registered raster well log images and digital LAS files annotated with DSTs, perfs and cores from original source documents for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

  • Display all associated data visually to determine the nature of the subsurface using the log data
  • Create presentation-quality cross sections to more effectively demonstrate potential plays
  • Integrate proprietary rasters and LAS with public data to better determine pay potential
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What's Included

AccuLogs key content includes:

  • Over 2.5 million scanned and depth registered raster well log images and digital LAS files annotated with DSTs, perfs and cores from original source documents
  • All images are scanned at 400 dpi and saved at the original log scales for exceptional print quality and clarity
  • Access to IHS Markit Direct Connect for digital LAS files
  • Coverage includes the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, including AB, BC, SK, MB, NWT, YK, N. Dakota and Montana
Combine Raster and Digital Logs

Combine both raster and digital log images in your cross section or single well viewer. Digital logs give users the ability to apply shading, crossovers, define zone cutoffs, set curve definitions and create on-the-fly calculated Petrophysical curves. Create your calculations and assign the thicknesses to your user database for mapping.

Import and Work with Your Proprietary Data

Import your proprietary log data the instant you receive the TIFF image or LAS file from the field. Imported raster and digital logs are automatically saved to a user database for reuse, saving time having to re-import the same images. Quickly depth register your proprietary logs.

Add a Proprietary Well

When working with proprietary data and your newly drilled well is not a part of the AccuMap™ database, quickly add the well to your cross section, import your proprietary images, and see the complete picture immediately.

Measure Thickness

Use the measure thickness tool to help define areas on your logs where you determine potential exists. Now you can use a tool to quickly calculate thicknesses on your logs.

Assign Thicknesses & Update to AccuMap

Assignment of the measured thicknesses allow you to define your net pay zones, net sand, or porosity. These values can be one measurement or a combination of several measurements. All values assigned to a formation can be updated to AccuMap, allowing you the ability to maintain these values in your user database, create pay maps, and export these values.

Access More Information in Less Time

From an AccuCard in AccuMap, you can click on the Logs button and view your zone of interest or the entire log. With AccuLogs you get the important interpretive data you trust in AccuMap displayed right on your log by depth.

In addition, all our raster images are depth registered, allowing you to accurately place tops, annotations, and other information on the log. Then easily add maps, graphs, DST charts, and more to your cross-section, allowing for a complete story.

Leverage Two Flexible Viewing Options

View a single well, or use the cross-section viewer. The single well viewer helps you peruse and evaluate more wells in less time, and the cross section viewer helps you build and interpret your sections in minutes, easily changing from structural to stratigraphic datums in a click. Transparent log images and type logs allow you to make formation fills visible behind logs and easily compare two logs on the same well.

Use IHS Markit Data Management

Remove the need for large paper storage facilities—it is all on your desktop and we look after the data for you. And, no paper means no waiting—you have the logs you want immediately without copying and splicing, saving you even more time.

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