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Providing ongoing support and up-to-date reference materials for our oil and gas information news and analytical tool products, both internationally and in the United States.





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Product Attributes:

StateAPI State CodeOil Cums From DateGas Cums From DateMonthly Oil StartMonthly GasTest Data AvailableInjection EntitiesOil Reporting LevelGas Reporting Level
Alabama 01Inception Inception 19441952Gas OnlyNoLease & Well CompLease & Well Comp
Alaska 50Inception Inception 19191949NAYesWell CompWell Comp
Arizona 02Inception Inception1969  1969NANoWell CompWell Comp
Arkansas 03Inception Inception 19721965Gas NoLeaseWell Comp
California 041977197719771977NAYesWell CompWell Comp
California (District 6)041936193619361936NAYesWell CompWell Comp
Colorado *05Inception Inception 19701970IP's OnlyYesLease & Well CompLease & Well Comp
Federal GOM 60Inception Inception 19471947Oil & Gas YesWell CompWell Comp
Federal PAC56Inception Inception 19681968Oil & Gas NoWell CompWell Comp
Florida091973  NA1973  NANANoWell CompNA
Illinois12InceptionNA1980NANANoLease NA
Indiana      13InceptionNA1980NANANoLease NA
Kansas 15Inception Inception 19661963Gas NoLease Well Comp
Kentucky    16InceptionNA1980NANANoLease NA
Kentucky Gas 16NA1997NA1997IP's OnlyNoNAWell Comp
Louisiana 171965195819651965Oil & Gas NoLease Unit/Lease
Louisiana Allocated 171965195819651965Oil & GasNoAllocated WellAllocated Well
Michigan21Inception Inception 19601960IP's OnlyNoLease & Well CompLease & Well Comp
Michigan Antrim 21NAInception NA1968IP's OnlyNoNALease & Well Comp
Mississippi 23Inception Inception 19771977Gas NoWell CompWell Comp
Montana25Inception Inception 19731973IP's OnlyNoLease & Well CompLease & Well Comp
Nebraska26Inception Inception 19661966IP's OnlyNoLease Lease
Nevada 27Inception NA19551955IP's OnlyNoWell CompNA
New Mexico **30Inception Inception 19701970GasYesWell CompWell Comp
New York311985198519851985IP’s OnlyNoNAWell Comp
North Dakota 33Inception Inception19511954IP's OnlyYesWell CompWell Comp
Ohio341984198419841984IP's OnlyNoWell CompWell Comp
Oklahoma35Inception Inception19701965Gas NoLease Well Comp
Oregon 36NAInception NA1979NANoNAWell Comp
Penn-sylvania37Calculated InceptionCalculated Inception19801980IP's OnlyNoWell CompWell Comp
South Dakota 40Inception Inception 19541954IP's OnlyYesWell CompWell Comp
Texas 42Inception Inception 19581962Oil & Gas YesLease Well Comp
Texas Oil Allocated42Inception NA1970NAOil & GasYesAllocated WellNA
Utah43Inception Inception 19491957IP's OnlyNoWell CompWell Comp
Virginia451992199219921992IP's OnlyNoWell CompWell Comp
West Virginia471985198519851985Oil & GasNoWell CompWell Comp
Wyoming 49InceptionInception19741974IP's OnlyYesWell CompWell Comp

Data Export:

Documentation and sample data for the IHS Markit standard US data export formats can be requested by contacting Customer Care.

US Data Formats
Below are the standard data export formats for the the domestic US database. These formats are version controlled to ensure compatibility with leading third-party applications.

298 Production Export
This format is an updated version of the legacy PI 98 Production Export format.

DMP2 Production Export
This format is an updated version of the legacy Dwights Detailed Production Export format (DMP).

297 Well Export
This format is an updated version of the legacy PI 197 Well Export format.

This format is an XML structure for well and production content.

Legacy Data Formats
Legacy 197 Well, 98 Production and DMP Production data export formats from the former Petroleum Information (PI) and Dwights Energy data are no longer supported. They are no longer available in any of our data delivery products.

Reference Code Abbreviations

Below are definitions of frequently requested reference codes used in our US Well and Production data. Some codes are not publicly available (i.e., formation codes), but can be requested by contacting Customer Care.

Reference Code Abbreviations:
Proprietary to IHS Markit – provided solely for use with IHS Markit data and products.

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