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Canada Engineering Data

Identify prospects with comprehensive, reliable Canada oil and gas production data.

What if you could access all the data you needed in one place to evaluate a reservoir’s prospectivity?

Canada Engineering Data delivers monthly updated well production figures and illustrations for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, provided by numerous government regulatory agencies. Customers gain single-source access to critical Canada oil data: production history, initial production test, drill stem tests, fluid analyses and pressure tests to:

  • Determine well productivity
  • Estimate reserves
  • Optimize production
  • Budget for drill stem tests

What's Included

Production History & Initial Test

IHS Markit Production History Data provides the most correct information available as it is loaded into our databases and matched to amended wells within days of receipt from the source regulatory authorities. The data contains detailed production history information fully integrated with IHS Markit General Well Data.

IHS Markit Initial Production Test Data provide flow capacity and pressures for a formation. This dataset is used to determine the capability of the well under various degrees of pressure drawdown and the results may aid in selecting the production method.

  • Digitally and manually sourced tests; run longer than DSTs and includes formation flow capacity and pressures
Drill Stem Tests Data and Images

IHS Markit DST (Drill Stem Test) Data is used to determine potential productivity, pressure, permeability, and extent of an oil or gas reservoir or formation in an open well bore. The data provides information about the reservoir or a prospect formation at an early stage, so you can make important decisions regarding the future development of the reservoir.

IHS Markit DST Images is widely recognized by DST experts as the superior file because of its historical content and image quality.

Tests results include:
permeability, quality codes, drill collar and drill pipe data, HORNER extrapolated pressures and slopes,
PMAX, blow descriptions, formation damage, recoveries, pressure increments, and flow increments.

Fluid Analysis

IHS Markit Fluid Analyses Data are collections of physical and chemical properties for oil, water and gas. IHS Markit has the most complete set of fluid analyses, which can be used with IHS Markit Pressure Test and Production Data to predict the economics of developing assets. These property values provide information that aids in understanding the requirements and techniques best suited for development, optimization and transportation of assets in the widest geographical area and to maintain ongoing recovery plans for the life of those assets.

  • Correctly characterize crude oil to assist in production, transportation and market value decisions
  • Estimate recoverable reserves, select optimal depletion and enhancement strategies
  • Determine process equipment requirements and plan operations
  • Identify formation waters and existing contaminants
Pressure Test Data

Determine future performance and if wells are producing from the same reservoir. Monitor pressure conditions for depletion, make well abandonment decisions and obtain permeability, skin factor and average reservoir pressure values using:

  • Absolute Open Flow Tests (AOF): Data on over 108,000+ wells, including test date, pressures, temperatures, shut-in period, flow rate, flow duration and test type
  • Bottom Hole Pressure Tests (BHP): Basic well information and pressure summaries for oil well pressure surveys back to 1947, test data, test type, survey method, gradients, pressures and length of shut in

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