Fields and Discoveries Data

Explore reservoir hydrocarbon potential with fast access to global fields and discoveries data

Do you have decision-ready data for strategic planning and assessments?

An International E&P Database subscription module, this database includes 28,865 producing fields and undeveloped oil field discoveries and approximately 56,670 hydrocarbon reservoirs outside the US and Canada. Subscribe today to:

  • Analyze exploration opportunities
  • Investigate detailed EUR reserves estimation
  • Evaluate secondary recovery and production profiling
  • Review annual and monthly production to better understand the field development history
  • Perform cost analysis and review service contractor information
  • Review detailed geological descriptions and hydrocarbon information

Coverage and Data

Africa, Australasia, CIS, Europe, Far East, Frontier North America, Latin America, Middle East

General field data
  • Field location
  • Dimension
  • Field HC type
  • Production status
Contract and ownership information
  • Current contract (licence and block)
  • Participants (individual company or group of companies)
  • Historic details (original and previous participan
Development history
  • No. of wells drilled and active, (producing)
  • General development remark
  • Costs data and associated remarks
  • Field event history
Production and reserves
  • Cumulative and annual production volumes (historic and current)
  • Field monthly production details (historic and latest)
  • Country total production history (onshore/offshore split)
  • IOR/EOR secondary methods information
  • Fields reserves figures (historical reserves have been systematically stored since 1999)
  • Reservoirs reserves figures (historical reserves have been systematically stored since 1999)
Fluid and gas characteristics and composition
  • API gravity
  • GOR
  • Gas type and gas gravity
  • Viscosity
  • Liquid / gas ratio
  • Chemical composition
Hydrocarbon data by field and reservoir
  • HC column
  • HC/water contacts
  • Fluid system
  • PVT characteristic
  • Geological parameters - trap details, closure, source rocks, seal rocks, plays
  • Reservoir geological details
  • Production and reserves figures of individual reservoirs are stored when available
Geological information by field and reservoir
  • Lithostratographic unit names
  • Age
  • Lithology
  • Poro-perm and fluid saturation characteristics
  • Thickness
  • Depositional environment
Field outline, images and bibliography
  • Field outline
  • Scanned images
  • Bibliographic references database

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