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Basin Data

Evaluate hydrocarbon potential with comprehensive basin data

Does your basin data provide geology at the play level?

Access basin studies and related geological data for worldwide analysis of petroleum systems and plays. An International E&P Database module, Basin Data includes more than 5,080 mappable geological provinces and 527 basins and is the only geological dataset that permits risk analysis at the play level helping you to:

  • Analyze existing reserves
  • Determine future exploration
  • Understand individual basin evolution and stratigraphy
  • Compare portfolio assets
  • Enhance oil play fairway mapping
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Initial Fast Screening
Perform rapid basin analysis

Basin Ranking and Analogue Studies
Rank and compare basins with in-house GIS software, EDIN or IHS Enerdeq® Browser

Petroleum System Analysis
Leverage geology, petroleum systems, plays and E&P data to analyze exploration success and reserves for different geological units

Play Fairway Mapping
Transform petroleum system and play elements into maps to choose optimal drilling locations

Basin Database Coverage

Africa, Australasia, CIS, Europe, Far East, Frontier North America, Latin America, Middle East

Geological Provinces Names, Location details, Structure and Prospectivity
Geological Data (ages, thickness)
Basin Outline
Geological Spatial Layers (Tectonic and Salt Structures, Gravimetry, Magnetism)
Size Images
Basin Monitor Remarks Geological Overview Remarks
Exploration Overview Remarks
Development & Production Overview Remarks
Exploration Summary remarks
Development and Production Summary Remarks
General Remarks and Graphic Remarks
Genetic Units Name and General Remarks
Geological Data
Tectonic Regime (type, age, structures)
Igneous Event (type, age, lithiology)
Stratigraphy Units and Sub-Units
Type/Reference Section
Associated and Equivalent Units
Poro-perm characteristics
Depositional environment
HC significance (source, reservoir, seal)
Plays Name, Basin, Petroleum System, Status, Remarks
Classification (conventional/unconventional)
Reservoir details
Seal details
Trap details
Geochemistry data for Unconventionals
Plays Outline for Unconventionals
Plays Size for Unconventionals
Resource figures for Unconventionals
Remarks for Unconventionals (Geological, Exploration, Development, Fiscal, and Economics Overviews)
Spatial Layers for Unconventionals (Reservoir Depth, Reservoir Thickness, TOC, Ro)
Petroleum Systems Name, Basin, Play, Remarks
Source Deposition, Generation, Overburden Ages
Reservoir, Seal, Trap, Migration Ages
Bibliography Classification, Document, ISBN, Title
Entity Links
Authors, Publishers

Basins Data Overview: data, workflows and delivery

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