Product Design, Obsolescence, Counterfeit & Environmental Compliance Management and Reporting

Maintain a consistent, uninterrupted flow of parts.

Seeking a single-source for parts data? Need to mitigate parts risk?

This solution portfolio offers manufacturers the data, software and tools and customized assistance to manage component and environmental compliance, develop products and avoid counterfeits parts. Access data on hundreds of millions of electronic components from thousands of suppliers. Receive product updates and change notices, counterfeit notices and conflict mineral compliance data. This portfolio enables you to:

  • Mitigate risk with superior sourcing decisions
  • Anticipate component end-of-life issues
  • Reduce manufacturing costs and drive growth
  • Improve product design, quality and performance
  • Achieve environmental compliance and sustainability

Products & Solutions

  • BOM Management Software

    Need to ensure smooth production schedules? Want advance warning of important product changes? Have to navigate complex environmental or regulatory constraints?

  • PCNalert: Product Change Notices

    In today’s accelerated, globalized and highly technical manufacturing environment, companies must track an escalating number of product change notifications. For example, during 2016, PCNalert published nearly 208,000 PCNs and EOLs. PCNalert – the leading PCN, EOL and counterfeit notification service – enables you to master these challenges by helping you quickly identify, analyze and resolve component events that impact your products. The tool harnesses the world’s largest electronic components database to track notices from 600+ suppliers and 1,600+ original component manufacturers for 1.5 billion electronic parts. You receive daily emails announcing which parts from your Approved Vendor List (AVL) and Approved Manufacturer List (AML) could be affected by a change notice, within 24 hours of the original alert. 

  • IHS CAPS+4D Enterprise Solution

    Need part number consistency company-wide? Want insight into product notifications?

  • IHS CAPS+4D Connect

    Want to ensure compliance across BOMs? Want to avoid obsolescence with no alternatives?

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