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North American Upstream Enhanced Data Delivery Bundle

Couple your IHS content subscription with our streaming data delivery bundle to meet your organizations business critical data sourcing requirements.

It is our mission as the data delivery and innovation team, to empower our customers with modern and flexible access to IHS Markit content for today and in the future. Our data, how you want it, when you need it. Our modern streaming data delivery bundle helps you choose the appropriate avenue to access your subscription, for short and long-term business critical needs. Whether populating a spreadsheet or a data lake, the enhanced delivery bundle provides flexibility to each stakeholder’s unique perspective.

Your organization has unique data architecture requirements, and our North American Application Data Model (ADM) is now the reliable foundation. Our delivery solution sitting on top of the ADM means customers will have consistent data that is mappable back to the source. Integrating Drilling & Development Activity, Well, Production, Land Lease data and more together so you can start building with confidence.

Contact Upstream Data Delivery Team for more information:

North American Upstream Enhanced Data Delivery Bundle

We recognize each of our customers must be more efficient than ever and being uncertain of data sourcing for data systems or analytics undermines the integrity of your decisions.

Ask for more information on how IHS Markit data and product experts can help end users and data managers succeed.


  • Increase efficiency by adding the “Self-Service Streaming” Data Delivery Bundle to your IHS Markit Content data subscription**
  • Real time and direct access to data which takes the manual process out of your workflow. Gain new insights thru connected datasets and unlock new workflows
  • Access to Analytical tools (ie. Power BI, Spotfire)
  • Access to purpose-built industry data models (NA ADM)

** Please note that you must first have a subscription to IHS Markit Content to take advantage of our Delivery Bundles

The Upstream Content API provides rapid and efficient access to IHS Markit content that can be pulled directly into analytical tools or internal systems with filters set to easily tailor the data to a specific area of interest, retrieving only critical data that enables users to optimize their business processes.

Key features

  • RESTful API delivering the Upstream content in JSON format based on OpenAPI Specification
  • Spatially enabled datasets for Rig Activity, Permits, Well, Production, Land, Grid
  • Direct access to Analytical Tools – (Microsoft Power BI / Microsoft Excel)
  • Access to content is fully controlled by client subscriptions
  • Mashing up content sets to create powerful analytics
The Upstream Content Cloud Access option is an IHS Markit fully supported database in the cloud powered by Snowflake. This option is ideal for users that are needing a managed solution with limited IT resources, that can connect to IHS Markit content.

Key Features

  • Streaming North American content available through direct data share via Snowflake
  • Fully supported SQL queries against relational data model
  • Direct access to Analytical and Business Intelligence Tools

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